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Atlantis Drainage Systems

Atlantis range on sale at Hardware and General

Efficiency, Sustainability and Design

Looking for a reliable and knowledgeable Atlantis drainage specialist? Look no further than Hardware & General! Our extensive range of Atlantis drainage products, combined with the expertise of our knowledgeable staff, makes us the ideal choice for all your drainage needs.



  • Efficiently drains excess water while retaining optimum moisture level
  • Ideal for promoting plant growth in planter box and roof garden applications
  • Lightweight design that doesn't require cranes or lifting equipment
  • Strong structural design that can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Quick and easy installation compared to traditional aggregate drainage systems
  • High infiltration rate with a 90% void ratio
  • Indefinitely resistant to biological contaminants



  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Basements
  • Underground parking
  • Bridge abutments and abutments
  • Civil works
  • Tunnels in areas that require hydrostatic pressure relief

Atlantis Flo-Pipe® & Flo-Log®

  • Easy installation
  • Economic
  • No maintenance costs
  • Simple connection to wells and pipes
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Very high flow rate of 80 l min
  • High resistance to compression
  • High flow velocity
  • Economical and modular design

Watch how other Atlantis products work to store & disperse water


  • Atlantis Gro-Wall® Slim Pro Kit

    Gro-Wall® Slim Pro Kit

    The Gro-Wall® Slim Pro is a new vertical garden green wall system that is built on the success of the Gro-Wall® 4.5 product and provides significant improvements and a thinner profile making the system ideal for applications where space is...

  • Gro-Wall® 4.5

    Gro-Wall® 4.5

    Atlantis Flo-Log® 52mm Versatile Garden for users and designers Designed specifically for vertical garden enthusiasts, Gro-Wall® 4.5 includes many new intuitive and constructive features that benefit both users and designers. New features include...

  • Atlantis Flo-Log® 52mm

    Atlantis Flo-Log® 52mm

    Atlantis Flo-Log® 52mm PRE FABRICATED HIGH STRENGTH, HIGH FLOW STRIP DRAINAGE Atlantis Strip Filter Drains are prefabricated drainage composites for the efficient filtering of groundwater. All Atlantis Flo-Log® and Flo-Pipe® Strip Filter...

  • Atlantis Flo-Cell® 20mm

    Atlantis Flo-Cell® 20mm

    Atlantis Flo-Cell® 20mm Lightweight versatile design drainage system. A drainage system structurally engineered to be used in drainage-critical applications. With versatile design that can be installed horizontally or vertically and are easily...