Why is the Hamptons style so popular in Australia?

Traditional Hamptons James Hardie linea

Why is the Hamptons style so popular in Australia?

The Hamptons home style is charming, timeless and luxurious. It has become popular in Sydney’s beach suburbs. After all, originating in the coastal suburbs of New York’s long island it’s a coastal style associated with summer holidays.

Why do we love it so much? 

Hamptons homes are regularly found on the seaside and are fashioned to match the beachy feel. The style is welcoming and encourages indoor-outdoor living, entertaining and relaxing.

Traditional Hamptons french doors

Hamptons homes are showered in a lot of light because they generally have large windows bordering the walls of the home. The light is calming to people who enjoy spending time in sunlight and outdoor areas.

Bright Hamptons lounge room with wide windows

The Hamptons homes’ resort vibes appeal to people who enjoy living the high life. The homes can be associated with holiday homes and everyone longs for the feeling of luxury. 

These are casual and relaxing sort of houses that welcome you comfortably and allow you to feel closer to nature.

Hamptons Home outdoors

Hamptons’ serene environment grants relaxation in the comfort of your own home. The thought of reading a book – or practising another indoor hobby – snugly at home is quite soothing.

Traditional Hamptons nautical theme seating with linea weatherboards in the background

The style rewards careful decoration and styling. Hamptons is all about the details. Our H&G Hamptons Home page explains a wealth of details you can add to your home to give it that Hamptons charm.

What’s the ideal starting point for a Hamptons home? 

You need a gabled roof and weatherboard walls.

If you’re building a new home, there are plenty of major builders who have off-the-shelf Hamptons designs. If you’re renovating there are plenty of cottages and bungalows that lend themselves to a Hamptons renovation makeover.

Hardware and General can supply a range of building products and fixtures to complete a Hamptons project.  Browse our H&G Hamptons Home or come into our showrooms and ask for help from our expert staff