Which Hamptons look are you after?

Australian Hamptons by uptop carpentry James Hardie Linea Weatherboards

Which Hamptons look are you after?

Made up of about 40,000 households, the Hamptons of New York isn’t all that large. It’s estimated that Australia builds just shy of 10,000 new homes a year in a Hamptons style.

Add to that all the Hamptons renovation makeovers and it’s highly likely that there are more Hamptons homes in Australia than in the actual Hamptons.

It’s not surprising that Australia has developed a few variations of the Hamptons look.

We can define the top three variations: Traditional America Hamptons, Australian Hamptons & Contemporary Hamptons. 

Traditional American Hamptons
Tradition American Hamptons look

Traditional American Hamptons is an expensive style that requires unusual additions like roof cupolas and cladding belly boards. 

These homes are highly detailed. They have complex roof lines with shingle style tiles. Linea weatherboards are painted colours to subtly contrast oodles of white trims.

Australian Hamptons
Australian Hamptons Home

The Australian Hamptons look is adapted to the Australian climate with large verandas for sun protection. 

They’ve been adapted to use Aussie materials like fibre cement weatherboards and corrugated steel roofing (something you’d wouldn’t see in the Hamptons). 

These homes are affordable and conservatively designed with smaller Dutch gables and grey weatherboard contrasting white trims.

Contemporary Hamptons
Hamptons by shipway with James Hardie Linea Weatherboard

Contemporary Hamptons is a more modern Hamptons style with bold gable rooflines, less decoration and a different colour palette. 

Cladding can be dark grey for high contrast against white trims. Or it can be reversed, with white cladding and black trims. 

Alternatively a white on white colour palette also works, so there’s no contrast between the trims and cladding.

Choose your favorite Hamptons look 

Whether you prefer Tradition American, Australia or Contemporary Hamptons look, there are plenty of decisions to be made to create the astounding Hamptons Home. 

Come into our Hardware & General showrooms and ask for help from our expert staff.

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