Where to start with Hamptons style colour schemes

Where to start with Hamptons style colour schemes

The Hamptons style is a combination of relaxed, natural colours and modern simplicity, all mixed with beautiful indoor-outdoor living. It’s no wonder Australians have taken it and made it completely their own.

Coastal-Hamptons, Country-Hamptons, Modern-Hamptons, we even call it Australian-Hamptons are all styles inspired by the luxury homes of New York in and around the seaside Hamptons region.

Stylish Aussies have not only adopted this style, they have enthusiastically evolved it to fit perfectly into the Australian way of living.

The colours are one of the most iconic elements of this housing trend. Simple combinations of neutral tones, warm timbers, metals and white ornate timberworks are the cornerstone of this look.

Delving a little deeper, Hamptons colour palettes are generally neutral, with whites, creams, linen tones, mid greys and blues. These are the main colours used to achieve the look.

The foundation colour for all Hamptons style is Dulux Vivid White™. This is used for all woodwork including windows, doors, ceiling, skirtings and architraves. This will contrast beautifully with the softer tones of the walls and other furnishings.

Combine Vivid White with colours like Dulux White on White™, Dulux Natural White™ or Dulux Whisper White™ and you have the quintessential Hamptons style colour scheme.

If you want to go a little further into the style, we need to look at some more blues and green, as well as some more natural earthy tones. Dulux Pre School™, Dulux Angora Blue™, Dulux Cool™ and Dulux Eaves™ are the perfect if you want the coastal look with a little more contrast.

If you prefer a more neutral palette as a foundation, Dulux muted greys are something you simply must consider. This approach allows you to make more of an impact with your furnishing’s, kitchen elements and doors. Dulux Grey Pail™ and Dulux Dieskau™ are tones of grey that scream Hamptons style.

With so many choices it can be difficult to decide. Just remember the core of Hamptons colour schemes are soft blues and greens, warm whites and neutral greys. Naturally inspired shades of stone and sand are also a staple part of the Hamptons colour palette.

Putting blues and whites together always gives a coastal feel. However, as you research the style you may even go traditional, with a rich navy and warm creams, or duck egg and grey blue tones. It’s a style with many variations and it’s always exciting to find yours.
If you are drawn to the Hamptons style, the paint specialists at Hardware & General are always here assist with advice, sample pots and brushouts to ensure you choose the best possible colours for your Australian Dream.


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