Waterproof and protect in just one step

Waterproof and seal in one easy step

Drizoro manufactures the most comprehensive range of cementicious waterproofing products available.

Drizoro’s cement-based waterproofing products are non toxic and suitable for all AAC panels and blocks, concrete surfaces, bricks and blocks.

In just one step the products can provide a decorative finish, waterproof and protect drinking water tanks, reservoirs, water mains, swimming pools, lift wells, retaining walls and garden beds.

Maxseal and Maxseal Foundation is used for positive or negative waterproofing or sealing against rising damp of all masonry surfaces. Other products include the Maxpatch an advanced mortar for repairs to floors, ramps and steps; Maxjoint Elastic for sealing joints subject to movement in concrete and masonry, sealing joints and cracks in concrete; Maxplug to quickly stop water flowing from cracks and fissures; and Maxgrip, a pourable cement-base non-shrinking, quick-setting hydraulic compound.

Maxseal Flex is a flexible cement-based waterproofing membrane for below-grade structures subjected to both positie or negative high-water pressure. It’s ideal for waterproofing of basements, retaining walls, foundations, tunnels or galleries.

The Maxquick Roll is a polymer modified mortar, supplied in powder form which when mixed with water and applied in a single layer produces a decorative coating.