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North Steyne Beachside
Welcoming entrance for units
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Craig Jensen, Jensen Carpentry & Construction

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First Impressions

Creating a welcoming first impression for this strata block of units adds street appeal, increasing unit values for all owners.  


When strata owners of this Manly unit block contacted Craig, their brief was to make the entryway more welcoming to increase street appeal, adding more value to their investment.

Craig worked with members to reduce the overall visual obstruction caused by unsightly services creating a warm and welcoming entry.

By peeling back the bulk of the fire hydrant enclosure and creating a new masonry wall to 500mm, most sections were reduced and rendered to match the rest of the building.
Creating the new framing from 316 stainless steel tubing and sheeting, reduces ongoing maintenance costs and protects the build from sea salt damage. They were painted to match the building and clad in vertical Millboard battens to soften the appearance and frame the new letterbox unit. The horizontal letterbox bank was replaced with a vertical stack and covered with Millboard decking.

The sprinkler manifold enclosed with lift up seating for easy access, also constructed with Millboard decking.

The rendered base leads one’s eyes to the front door instead of stopping on the mass of previous enclosures, which was previously confusing for visitors.

The new aluminium screen opens up the space between fence elements, and the vertical elements break down the tunnel effect creating a sophisticated entrance.

Tubular stainless steel lights are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They shine upwards to highlight the architectural timber ceiling whilst shining downwards to guide visitors across the stunning travertine walkway at night.

Value: Over $25,000


  • Timber Decking
  • Dressed Timbers
  • Wall lighting
  • Stainless steel letterboxes
  • Exterior paint

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