Top 5 reasons to go keyless

Top 5 reasons to go keyless

Builders and home renovators are always looking to upgrade security while adding value to a project or home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to install keyless, electronic door locks.

Digital systems have incredible advantages over the older mechanical locks. They add convenience, improve security, allow multiple access, and of course remote tracking through your phone.

So, what is a keyless system? Exactly that, a door that does not require a key. The lock or entry point has an electronic circuit controlled by a keypad, phone or both that allows entry.

1. No More Keys

This is really obvious but just imagine, no more feelings of panic when you can’t locate your keys or when the door has just locked and you realise, they’re inside. The digital locks at H&G allow access with a pin via a keypad or secure mobile app. Of course, there are always manual overrides in case of an emergency.

2. Improved Security

Some digital locks like the Yale Unity allow homeowners to see who comes and goes from their property. They can also create and deactivate multiple codes for use by different people at different times. For example, you may have visitors staying at your house while you’re away. You can create and share a code that allows them access and deactivates once they’ve left. Plus, when these systems are integrated with a home alarm system, security is taken to the next level.

3. Monitor and Control from anywhere

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolts like Schlage can be completely controlled via a mobile app, meaning you can unlock the door from anywhere, anytime. You can also keep a record of all the comings and goings, so you’ll know when the kids are home or running late.

4. Keyless locks are wireless and more reliable

With fewer moving parts keyless locks are less prone to wear and tear, which means they last a lot longer. And like the M5 Digital Mortice they don’t need to be wired into any system. Powered by long-life batteries, they can be installed quickly and easily and be fully operational in no time at all.

5. They raise property value

Smart locks are one of the first things prospective buyers notice when they enter a home. They are well regarded and give a great first impression, indicating to any prospect this is a well taken care of home and well worth the latest in protection.

It seems technology is impacting every part of our lives and locks are no different. There are a lot of keyless lock options at a variety of budgets. Your choice ultimately depends on the specific property you’re working on or own, and who will need access.

If you still haven’t made the move to keyless locks and are keen to know all the best options. You can easily request a quote here and the people at H&G will give you all the help you need.

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