Timberline Visualiser

Timberline Visualiser

So, it’s time to think about your bathroom vanity! You’ve been collecting inspirations and have a good idea of how your bathroom should come together …right?

Many renovators get to this point and feel a little overwhelmed. There are just so many choices to be made, handles, soft close, benchtops, colours, door styles, drawer configurations, plumbing, heights, and tap positions, it’s endless.

That’s why Hardware & General partners with quality companies like Timberline, who can provide you with a mind-blowing range of quality products, with the best possible service for when you are building your Australian dream.

Customise Your Next Bathroom Design Project With Timberline’s Extraordinary Range Of Vanity Options.

It’s not as hard as it sounds – despite their incredible number of customisable options, Timberline will make your job easy.

All of the Timberline vanity designs are available in a wide range of colours, handles, basins tops styles and layouts. Mix these options together and we believe you could design a unique vanity for every human on the planet. 

So, just how many options are there? Check out the online visualiser where you can literally see every one of  9.5 billion options at the click of a few buttons. Also, take a look at the prices and download all the sizes and details. Clip the image and email or bring it into your closest H&G Bathroom store for a “Whole-of-bathroom” quote, it could be that easy.

Of course, if you can’t find the perfect vanity from one of the 9.5 billion ‘standard’ options available, Timberline can create a completely custom-designed vanity, just for you?  If you have a project that needs something special both Timberline and H&G are here to help.