Six Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Door

Choose the right door

Six Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Door

Six Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Door

It is complicated to decide on the right door for your home as a consequence of having numerous options.

This article should help you recognise the uses of each door and consider which product is beneficial for certain circumstances.

Selecting a viable door for a certain area of a home can be complicated. The option for your the entrance will be a different option for the rest of your home.

With a wide range of doors in the market, attention on the best material and finishing will be more beneficial in the long term.

Here are some tips to work off of to guarantee the product you choose is the right one.

1. Place to Install

First of all, the place of where the door will be placed is fundamental in determining which product to install.

Depend on the place, you may choose from solid doors, wooden doors, panelled doors, screen doors. steel door, sliding door, barn door, glass door, and so on.

Some things to consider: whether the door placement is internal or external; whether the doorway was already existing or if it is recent; whether a door jamb is necessary or not; and whether it has adequate overhead protection like the front door.

Also, the location is important to establish which internal door construction to use, as it changes what type of door is required.

2. Type 

The door type requisite is influenced by: strength, durability, acoustics/sound proofing, weight, climate, required surface, and security. 

For doors inside your home, we recommend these doors: single door, double door, barn door, bi-fold, smartrobe, and cavity unit.

Choosing a front door, we recommend these doors: single door, double door, door with hinged entry frames or with sidelites, and pivot door system.

3. Style & Design

The door selection can transform a room’s whole appearance. Picking the design will help to match the style of the interior of the home.

Selecting a more simpler design in a small space will be a smart choice. Dare to pick a more ornate design when the space is not so busy.

To make a space seem bright and natural, add doors to the room such as sliding cavities or barn runners with glass panels to allow natural light to enter and make the room seem larger.

It is vital to consider whether you will stain or paint your door.

We have a range of classic wood species to choose from. Pre-primed DuraXP for entrance or primed MDF for internal are the best options for a great paint finish.

 If you are looking for doors to match the elegant Hamptons style, read our article on ‘How to Choose Doors for your Hamptons Home‘.

3. Size 

Here are some simple pointers to measuring up a new door:

  • Measure the former door’s width, height and depth.

  • Make sure that the door frame is square. To do this, measure the frame diagonally. If it is not square, purchase a broader door and cut it to fitting dimensions.

  • Ensure that the door has approximately 3 mm between the door and the frame on the top and sides, and approximately 5 mm from the door above the ground.

4. Extras

There are more components to doors other than the previous ones that can impact which product you want to purchase.

These components can include safety factors such as bushfire ratings, sound rating, rebating (pairs of doors) and sliding (grooved bottom rails).

It is beneficial to consider the extra components before purchasing doors, seeing as it can determine which door is more appropriate.

5. Hardware

Once you have make your door choice, then select the perfect hardware to match.

While your door style makes an statement at the entrance of your home, it’s important that the security is taking in consideration. Smart locks is the key of keeping your home safe. 

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How to Measure a Door

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