Timber Frame & Truss

At Hardware and General we manufacture and install quality timber wall frames and roof trusses.

With our MiTek computer software, we can turn your specialists architectural plans into high quality pre-fabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses ready to be expertly assembled using MiTek’s Gang-Nail Building Systems.

We stock quality termite-resistant building frames and trusses with a 25 year guarantee against termite attack.

Whether you are a first-time owner-builder or a large construction company, we can offer competitive costs on all the building supplies you will need to complete your entire project.

Termite-Resistant Treated Timber

Every year termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage to timber buildings. They are the silent pests that can destroy an entire building in a relatively short period of time. Using termite-resistant timber particularly for concealed structural building components is an important part of termite management strategy.

Our selection of treated timber pine roof trusses and wall frames are termite resistant because they are protected with a preservative approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and the Building Code of Australia.

All termite-resistant Timber Frame and Trusses come with a 25 year guarantee against termite attack provided for free and is transferable with the building ownership. Using treated timber frames and trusses will not only give the building owner peace of mind it will also increase the buildings value.


Our timber trusses are designed using the Mitek System and are all engineered to the specific purpose. We can supply frames and trusses from the most simple to the most advanced designs. Ask us for a 3D image of your roof.

Benefits of our Trusses

✓ All trusses are manufactured from graded timber (min MGP 10)
✓ Top and bottom cords are a min 90mm
✓ Designed by fully trained Truss detailer
✓ Trusses are engineered using the MiTek System
✓ Top and bottom plates are trenched for strength and stability of studs

Benefits of Timber Types


The use of Australian Pine is by far the most popular timber in frames. The timber has been kiln dried and sized to give a uniform product that will not shrink or warp alolowing for use in most situations.

CCA Treated Pine

CCA treated pine has been treated with copper chrome arsenate. This treatment stops fungi and other timber pests and diseases from attacking and is used where there is a known problem with subterranean pests.

LOSP Treated Pine

LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservatives) is another treatment that deters pests and diseases. The major advantages of LOSP treatment lie in the fact that the dimensional stability of the timber is unaltered, so all manufacturing processes can be carried out before treatment, eliminating the need to dispose of treated waste materials. Additionally the timber is ready for use as soon as the solvent in the treatment process has evaporated, with no need for post treatment drying. The relatively small cost of treating the frame gives the home owner the confidence of knowing that their home has protection from attack by wood-destroying insects & decay.

We are a Licenced MiTek Fabricator

Using the latest and most advanced industry software we can accurately map all your frame and truss requirements. Specific allowances can be made for high wind areas, or increased load from roof mounted hot water systems. We can create a 3D image of your roof providing you with an accurate and competitive quote.

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