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Narrow cover, concealed-fixed roofing and walling

Deep corrugated roofing
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Patio & carport roof sheeting
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End & expansion joint system

End and expansion joint system


The original Australian corrugated roof sheeting and wall cladding ideal for modern and traditional architecture in residential and commercial applications.

  • A lightweight yet strong roofing and walling material
  • Versatile – Can be laid flat or sprung curved
  • Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 5°


Versatile roof and wall cladding featuring bold, trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pans. Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

  • Long spanning cladding permitting wide support spacing
  • Can be used with TRIM-KLIP™ end and expansion joint system
  • Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°


A modern, simple square-corrugated roofing and walling cladding that is strong, impact resistant and economical – ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

  • Highly serviceable roofing and walling cladding
  • Bold ribs offer high strength and high water carrying capacity
  • Nominal cover width: 700mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°*

*For roof slopes down to 2° a number of provisions and details will need to be adhered to. Please call your nearest Lysaght branch for advice.


An advancement of the original concealed fix roof cladding with bold ribs making a strong visual statement rising from flat pans. It is a superior product which has earned FM Global approval.

  • Concealed fixed offering supreme watertightness
  • Onsite manufacturing available via mobile roll forming capability
  • Can be used with LOK-KLIP® end and expansion joint system
  • Nominal cover width: 700mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 1° (subject to design provisions being met)


The more ductile corrugated roof and wall cladding that is suitable for bullnosing or curving into a range of concave and convex shapes

  • Ideal for traditional bullnosed verandahs
  • Can be curved into an array of designs
  • Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 5°


Strong, versatile long-length roofing or walling. The concealed fastening method enables its use on many applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.

  • Fixing clips secure sheets without puncturing
  • No exposed fasteners for clean, smooth line
  • Nominal cover width: 406mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 1°


A mid-depth corrugated roof and wall cladding offering a bold roof line, improved resistance to damage and greater spanning capacity.

  • Deep corrugated roof cladding ideal for areas with high rainfall
  • Ideal for low pitched roofs
    Nominal cover width: 762mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 3°


A strikingly deep roof and wall cladding with corrugations 120% deeper and 50% wider than traditional corrugated profiles perfectly suited to in modern industrial, commercial, residential and recreational buildings

  • Offers improved resistance to damage
  • Long spanning capacity
  • Nominal cover width: 724mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°


A modern cladding well suited to many types of home improvement projects such as room additions, carports and patios. The underside features clean uninterrupted lines, with an attractive gloss finish.

  • Ideal for open sided structures where a high degree of watertightness is not required
  • Perfect for creating a flat, ceiling like finish
  • Nominal cover width: 250mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°


A fast and effective solution for weather resistant end and expansion joints when using KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® and KLIP-LOK CLASSIC® roof cladding. Its low profile design means that you no longer need to obviously interrupt the visual impact of the bold ribs and flat pans of a LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® roof, should a long-length roofing design solution be required.

  • Components tested for durability and watertightness
  • Suitable for cyclonic regions
  • No special purlin detailing required
  • Tested and fully compatible with translucent sheeting


A simple end joint/expansion joint solution between overlapping sheets of LYSAGHT TRIMDEK®. The TRIM-KLIP system comprises a fully engineered steel bracket and a custom profiled weather strip.

  • Allows thermal movement
  • Low profile system maintains clean, long run roof lines of roofing
  • Fast and easy to install – minimal change to current installation practice
  • Tested and proven in our NATA-accredited testing facility.

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