KOHLER Veil intelligent toilet

KOHLER Veil intelligent toilet

Kohler veil intelligent toilet

Shop now for the Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet is a piece of art, sculptured for ultimate performance and comfort.


Veil Intelligent Wall Hung Toilet

Intelligent toilets provide superior hygienic qualities to traditional toilets. The new rimless toilets can be easily cleaned,
inside and out, helping to significantly reduce bacteria build up. As germs are most easily spread through hand contact, providing hands free operation can help to greatly reduce the spread of germs.

Ultimately, intelligent toilets save paper as well as water and contribute to environmental certification.
The integrated bidet functionality reduces the need for toilet paper and can even eliminate it, saving money and allowing users to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their paper waste over time. For example, the production of one toilet roll requires 140 litres of water on average during the manufacturing process, so reduced toilet tissue consumption contributes to further water savings.

Key Features

Touchless Flushing

The Kohler Veil Wall Hung Integrated bidet and toilet features a unique touchless flushing system, offering one touch remote control functionality, 

Rimless Bowl & UV Cleansing

With its rimless bowl and UV self-cleansing bidet, the Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet doesn’t require tedious, regular maintenance.

Intuitive Remote Control

Complete with an intuitive, wireless LCD remote, a simple tap on the screen is all you need to access the toilet’s different functions.  Designed to fit easily in the hand for onetouch control of the full menu of cleansing features. 

Other features include:

  • Multiple flushing options for improved hygiene: features automatic flush; touchless flush (hand over flush panel); one touch flush (via remote or side of pan) and manual flush.
  • Remote control: Designed to fit easily in the hand for onetouch control of the full menu of cleansing features.
  • Multi-function bidet wand: Multiple spray functions in a single wand for personalised cleansing comfort ranging from soft wash, pulsating wash and spiral wash.
  • Bidet wand dual sanitising function: The nozzle is automatically cleaned with sterilised water after each use and automatically sanitises with UV light every 24 hours.
  • Rimless dynamic flushing system: 360 degree all-around flushing system dispensing an exceptionally clean and efficient flush.
  • Heated ergonomically designed seat: Eliminates seat pressure points and enhances seat comfort. With the addition of antibacterial properties for optimum hygiene.
  • Warm air drier: Blows warm air after washing.
  • Built-in Deodoriser – built-in deodoriser neutralises odours.
  • LED Nightlight – illuminates the toilet to serve as a night-light.