JobKeeper Payments

JobKeeper Payments

Small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 and employ workers can now register to receive the JobKeeper subsidy. This payment from the federal government is a subsidy to business owners that enables them to keep paying their workers even when revenue has declined.

The amount of the JobKeeper subsidy is $1500 per fortnight for each eligible worker who was employed by the business on 1 March and who continues to work for the business. The subsidy amount of $1500 before tax per fortnight must be passed on to all eligible employees. The subsidy is available to businesses for up to 6 months. The program starts on Monday 30 March 2020, and businesses will receive the first JobKeeper subsidy payments in the first week of May.

Eligible workers include:

  • full-time and part-time workers, including those who have been stood down
  • casual workers who have been employed for at least the past 12 months
  • Australian residents, New Zealand citizens in Australia who hold a subclass 444 special category visa, and migrants who are eligible for JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance (Other)
  • self-employed individuals.

Eligible businesses include companies, partnerships, trusts, sole traders, not-for-profits and charities.

Workers can only receive the JobKeeper payment from one employer.