Interior Painting Tips Checklist

Interior Painting Tips Checklist

So You’re Planning On Doing Some Interior Painting?

Well you have come to the right place for some interior painting tips.

Interior Painting is not a difficult job to do when you know how to prepare the space beforehand.
You can even get the whole family involved and the journey can become a great fun experience! Afterall many hands make lite work? Maybe not with painting 😉

Implementing these few tips from us, your interior painting can be a stress-free event. Stay with us here and you will learn how to get things ready for your painting job.

1 – Choose Your Colours First

Choosing the right colours can be difficult; the right one can match your furniture nicely and the wrong one can make the room feel unattractive.

Keep in mind that colours bring emotions to the room. Light blue can bring the feeling of tranquillity and peace; red represents joy and passion; white can give the sensation of spacious or elegance to the room.

There are a great variety of painting colours to choose from.  This task becomes easier by visiting one your local H&G stores. You will find the latest colour trends and popular colour hues which help you to get inspired. Speak to our specialists and save lots of time and possible frustrations later on.

It is even possible to match your required colour. Bring us the sample of fabric or a paint chip to our specialists and we will match it up for you. Bear in mind that daylight, at night or reflection of furniture or curtains, may affect the appearance of colours.

If you like to learn about White Trending Paints, go here and download our inspirational guide.

2 – Get All Your Materials & Tools Ready

As you know, every project is unique and you’ll save time by having all materials and tools handy and ready once you start your work.

So you’ll need a list of materials and tools that you’ll use. Grab your very own copy of the Painting Checklist we have made for you here and print it out. Select all the items that you will need for your painting job. Purchase all items you’ll need prior to starting the job.

If you are not sure if you’ll need some of the materials or tools, bring the list to our H&G store and our specialists will guide you.





3 –  Keep Your Pets Away From The Painting Area

Before you start painting, make sure your pets will NOT access the area until the painting is totally dry. It will be really hard work having to clean their beautiful paw painting marks on the house’s floor or worse, having to repaint the wall they brushed up against… oh, and the colourful furbaby too that will be fun!




4 – Remove Furniture & Objects

This is the time that you get your kids involved. Get them to help you remove all objects, wall frames and furniture from the room. If you don’t have enough space to relocate those items temporarily, remove away from the walls and fully cover with plastics drop sheets. You can find those drop sheets at your local H&G store. Take the time it takes, because we all know its worth it.

Remove all hooks that you won’t utilise anymore and leave hooks you are planning to place your photos and frames back onto. Make sure you fill all nail holes before painting. Ask our H&G specialist how to fill those holes and also how to fix any other damages you may find on the wall. Our staff will help you with the right product recommendations.

Keep the room well ventilated while you’re are painting. Open doors (if pets and kids are not around) and windows, even a fan would help to circulate some air and to get the paint to dry faster.

5 – Tape and Cover Everything

This is the time to start taping all the edges of the room, doors, knobs and window frames. Remove switch covers and tape over switches and outlets.

There are some cheap and not so good painters masking tape in the market and will make your job very messy. Make sure you get a good quality seal and just remove them once the paint is totally dry. (24hrs later)

Cover your carpets with canvas drop cloths. You may get enough cloths to cover the area you will be painting and move along with your job. Cover your hard floors with rosin paper or cardboard. Always wipe up any spills as they can soak through the rosin paper or the canvas drop cloths or worse get on your shoes and before you know it you have walked it through the house.


You’re Now Ready to start painting, If you need tips on how to paint a wall remember our paint specialists, they have years of experience and product knowledge to get you through the project

Dulux have shared their tips on how to paint a wall: https://youtu.be/vMhUuPPz5nM