Innovative hidden drainage solution

Easydrain pool edge

Innovative hidden drainage solution

EasyDRAIN Edge is an Australian made, architecturally designed, a drainage system that is installed under the surface and works seamlessly with tiles and pavers to create a completely concealed finish.

Everhard hidden drain in timber

With a 20mm slot, Edge captures low rainfall and surface water without compromising on water flow functionality or the aesthetics of your landscaped area. As you no longer see the drainage grate with this system, EasyDRAIN Edge creates new landscaping opportunities for patios, swimming pools, balconies and other outdoor areas.

Manufactured from 100% UV stabilised recycled polymer, Edge is completely rust free and is built to withstand Australian conditions. We recommend consulting a professional tradesperson to discuss your installation requirements prior to installation.

EasyDRAIN Edge is manufactured locally by Everhard Industries, the trusted brand in drainage, wastewater and environmental solutions.

everhard seamless drain section


Seamless slot drains are a semi-concealed linear drain type that sits under the surface of tiles and pavers to capture low rainfall and surface water.

They utilise a thin gap – generally no more than 20 mm – through which water is channelled to a grate and trench below. Seamless drains are commonly used along the edges of spaces – for example where the floor meets the wall in a shower, or along the edge of a deck, pool, or flower bed in an outdoor environment. While not suitable as commercial drainage, they provide excellent surface water drainage in outdoor areas at cafes and restaurants, used as threshold drains to prevent surface water from coming inside the business or even across paths in applications where drainage is a concern. Whereas common threshold drainage solutions sit flush with the surrounding surface, they still utilise a visible grate which can stick out amongst a wider design. Seamless solutions make the drain effectively invisible and allow specifiers to create an unbroken effect with their tile or paver selection.

Easy drain how it works

Modern seamless slot drains can strike an ideal balance between functionality and aesthetic. By concealing drainage trenches underneath tiles or  pavers, they do not break with the overall aesthetic of the design and still provide excellent surface water removal. But not all seamless drains are created equal. Many are made from stainless steel or other metals, making them heavy, prone to rust, and expensive. Where possible, specifiers should opt for an Australian-manufactured, recycled polymer product when specifying seamless drainage solutions.

easydrain on a balcony

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