How to create better light in your home

How to create better light in your home

Make your home office work for you!


As a result of lockdowns from Covid, we’re all spending more
time in our homes – and the things that need improving become
very apparent!

Most of us suffer from the lack of a dedicated home office.
And the usual poor lighting and ventilation doesn’t create a
desirable space to work in.

But simple and economical changes can make a huge difference,
– which is why installing a VELUX skylight is a great way to
achieve this.

Being able to let in natural light and fresh air by installing
VELUX skylights will transform the way your home office (or
any room) feels. And VELUX skylights also open up the ceiling
to create the illusion of more space. All resulting in a lighter,
brighter, more comfortable and more inviting work space.

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