How to create a Hampton style bathroom?

How to create a Hampton style bathroom?

The Hamptons style, which began in New York, is a home style that combines natural elements such as sunlight with man made elements.

Hamptons in Australia has been rising in popularity because of their large quantity of coastal regions on the borders of the country. Hamptons style bathrooms are commonly quite capacious and commodious.

Here’s you will find the key features to make to create a Hampton style bathroom.

Hamptons Vanities

Hamptons’ style vanities, as opposed to other bathroom styles, do not go out of fashion, as long as they are top-notch quality and sold by the right people. 

For a more straightforward Hamptons bathroom, focus on shaker style cabinets with a solid marble vanity top and doors fitted with chrome, nickel-plated or shell cup pull handles.

In most cases, hamptons bathrooms are made up of light ocean colours and whites, but they can also incorporate some more neutral colours such as beige or greys. The colour design depends on what look you are going for. 

Hamptons style is spacious, so floating vanities can make the bathroom seem slightly larger. They can make a big difference for smaller bathrooms.

See below our Staff Pick for Hamptons Vanities:

Hamptons Vanities, brand ADP London Vanity, Marquis Kiama Vanity, ADP Charleston Vanity
 Left – ADP London Vanity, centre: Marquis Kiama, right: ADP Charleston vanity
Hamptons Mirrors

A tip for when painting, a lighter colour palette can make the bathroom seem like there is more space than reality. When adding a mirror to the bathroom, purchase a round mirror because it makes the area feel more delicate.


Hamptons Tapware

The tapware chosen can make the difference between whether your bathroom has a modern or traditional look. 


Hamptons Tapware Turner Hastings
An elaborate tapware with a chrome or brushed nickel finish gives off a more traditional design. For a modern style, go for a tap with a chrome or matte black finish. We suggest using the matte black finish because it gives the contemporary cleaner look.

See below our Staff Pick for Hamptons Tapware sets:

Hamptons Tapware sets including Astrawalker and Phoenix

Left – Astrawalker Olde English Tapware Set, centre: Phoenix Nostalgia Basin Set, right: Astrawalker Olde English Bath Set

Hamptons Freestanding Baths

A white freestanding bathtub is the best way to go in a Hamptons style bathroom. They are classy, calm, and can be seen as romantic. 

Hamptons grey bath with timber panelling wall
If you have installed coloured wall or floor tiles, the white of the bathtub contrasts nicely. 

However, if you have put in white tiles instead, the tub will mingle with the background too much and will not fit well. You can decide to have either a classic clawfoot tub or a modern style which sits on the floor. 

Hamptons Tiles

The tiles in a Hamptons bathroom also play an important role in the design. 

To make the bathroom more captivating, ponder a hexagonal, herringbone or basket weave pattern for the floor or the walls. 

To maintain the Hamptons features, employ whites, neutrals, blues, greens and greys. A darker floor such as the matte black Antique tile is also recommended, And they also come in lighter colours if you would like to go for a classic look.

See below our Staff Pick for Hamptons Tiles:

Hamptons Tiles

Left: Ace Polo White Subway & Lockclick Hybride Flooring, centre: GNS May Flower (in 3 colours), right: GNS Ceramics Hexagon Mosaic & Orien Herringbone

Hamptons Lights

When choosing lights for your Hamptons bathroom,  a dimmer light, pendant lights or mount sconce beside the mirror do the trick.

Normally, pendant lights are bought in darker tones to contrast the light colour palette of the bathroom’s walls.

The wicker ceiling light, Rattan, and Bamboo Dome Pendant Lights are some of the most purchased pendant lights because of their sense of naturality. 

Bathroom lights for Hamptons style

Sconce lighting can bring warmth and comfort to the bathroom and strengthen the homey sentiment.

To make the bathroom more chic, a chandelier can be hung from the roof to stand out. For the traditional look, antique and crystal chandeliers are what you would want, but if you decide to go contemporary, beaded basket and barrel-inspired lantern chandeliers work well too.

For a more oceanic vibe, the Rope Chandelier – Multi Light Pendant is a large, eye-catching, decorative light that brightens the entire room. The ropes attached to the pendant can be modified to suit the height of your bathroom.

A very common feature in Hamptons homes is lots of natural light, so why not add large windows and white plantation shutters to keep the seaside feel. To mix the relaxed with the chic, consider our H&G Hamptons lighting. 

See below our Staff Pick for Hamptons Lights:

Left: Tida wall light chrome, centre: Marie Therese pendant chrome glass, right: Bodum 4 light chrome pendant

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