How to choose the flooring for your Hamptons home?

Hamptons reno kitchen with dark timber flooring

How to choose the flooring for your Hamptons home?

There are many sorts of flooring to choose on to suit your family and the look you desire for your place of residence. The type of flooring chosen for the inside of a Hamptons home determines the style of your home. 

Our vinyl planks bring a sense of lush merged with beachside atmosphere. To correctly match the Hamptons style, consider lighter shaded planks such as black timbers to fit in with the white walls and accessories, for colour agreement and welcoming.

Hampton flooring black timber ebony

For the right Hamptons home aspects, look for timber floorboards as they are flexible and durable. Light timbers with grey undertones, distressed timbers, painted or white-washed timbers and pure white timbers complement the Hamptons style.

Also Hurfords  Whitewash Oakh finished with a low sheen clear varnish are to be appraised. Wider planks lean toward the traditional side of flooring while narrower planks are more contemporary.

Light Flooring
Hampton light timber floor Hardiw Groove axon modern coast living

Although lighter flooring is more common in Hamptons homes, dark palettes can also work, depending on whether you choose the accurate ones. In order for dark flooring to complement a Hamptons home, they must contrast their surroundings. 

Dark Chocolate Flooring
Hampton chocolate brown timber flooring

Sanded and stained dark chocolate timbers like the Hurfords Nuage or Burnt Umber fit well. Also very rich and dark mocha shades or light washed pine-inspired finishes work brilliantly.

If you like the idea of a rural Hamptons home, pick distressed flooring with features like knots and cracks for some natural elements. 

Herringbone Flooring
Australian Native Herringbone flooring

There are a few unusual designs that you can choose from that scream Hamptons style. Two of which are the Herringbone and Chevron designs. The Herringbone design zigzags, bringing a perception of layer and attention to detail.

The Chevron is similar to Herringbones, but the ends of the planks end perfectly where the next one starts, seeming more like an arrow than a zigzag formation.

Limestone Flooring
Hamptons limestone flooring

Limestone flooring is another option for Hamptons flooring, but unlike the others they sit nicer in an outside environment than indoor,  though they can also be placed wonderfully inside.

The idea of the stone’s imperfect edges and robustness is the reason for it’s popularity, as well as it’s organic attractiveness. 

The best types for a Hamptons home are limestones and less refined stones for a conventional look rather than polished or finished.

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Choosing the right flooring for your Hamptons Home can be a difficult task. You’d be better having professional assistance to make an informed decision, avoiding any future regrets. 

Visit our Hardware & General showrooms and ask for help from our expert staff.

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