Grate Style Drain

Grate Style Drain

Drains and drain covers have traditionally stood out like the proverbial ‘sore thumb’, often reducing the visual concept desired. Even the most architecturally pleasing stainless steel grate covers can have a detrimental effect.

Industry innovators, like Stormtech, have had a major impact on providing a solution to this problem with their quality drain design and building. Their system allows for unprecedented versatility in design as it’s smaller and more efficient than standard drains.

Slim to Fit the Design Drain

The Stormtech system has minimal visual impact due to its narrow profile. The prestige finish of the 316 stainless steel grates provide design flexibility to allow it to be used in contemporary or classic styles.

Drains such as the Slimline drain can be integrated into almost any design concept and used in a variety of situations from showers, bathrooms and other wet rooms to backyard and pool designs. It is also easily incorporated into door frames and thresholds to allow an equal threshold which allows easy access and a flowing design bringing the outdoors in.

Let it Get Lost Drain

The introduction in Australia of linear drainage for bathrooms in the early 1990s by Stormtech has provided efficient architectural drainage solutions. A favourite product for architects and designers is the Tile Insert Drain. Developed to make the drain disappear, the Tile Insert series incorporates tile or solid surface material within the grate frame, ideal for use of large format tiles or a stone slab. The Tile Insert drain is available in 65mm and 100mm wide and for different tile thicknesses allowing it to be used for a variety of  building.

The latest addition to the Tile Insert drain range is the shallowest Tile Insert drain on the market. With an overall depth of only 23mm, the 100Tii20 it is an ideal product for projects involving a redevelopment of existing structures that can have concrete slabs with flaws and cracks or where new floor zones need to be put in.

Colours that Match Styles

In keeping up with current trends and inspired by worldwide colour trends, Stormtech have recently launched 3 new metallic colours – Brass, Copper and Bronze – to offer more creative options to designers, specifiers and consumers.

The colour finishes are available across the whole range of Stormtech’s designer grates and drains, from their standard 100, 65 or 38 Range through to fully customised options. These metallic finishes will add sparkle and give a sleek and luminous finish to any contemporary design, offering a luxurious and glamorous feel whether it is timeless brass or trendy copper.

Sleek, Innovative & Practical Drains

Used in bathrooms, showers, thresholds, paved areas, driveways, pools and pool surround, Stormtech grates and drains are known for sleek design, innovation and practicality. All their products are Australian Made and WaterMark certified. With a proud commitment to eco-friendly design, Stormtech offers the only linear drainage product in the world with Global GreenTag certification.


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