Floating Timber Shelf

Floating Timber Shelf

Over the years natural timber has edged it’s way back into many homes becoming a popular choice in many bathrooms.
Timber slabs are used to bring warmth to a typically clinical white bathroom and to create a stunning feature drawing they eye away from the functional uses of many bathrooms.

Timber is a versatile material and is at home on a variety of bathroom styles. In a contemporary bathroom, lighter timbers are used to lift the eye away from the floor giving a lighter airy feel to the bathroom whilst blacker timbers lend themselves to a sharper modern appearance. Timbers with a deep red colour work perfectly with more traditional fittings.

When choosing a bowl or vessel for the floating vanity consideration is given to the length of the slab and the placement within the room. Longer slabs can easily accommodate larger rectangular shaped basins whilst shorter slabs best suit a smaller bowl or vessel maximising the available bench space.


TIP: when choosing other sanitary items for your bathroom match square lines with other square lined products and softer round curves with other curved products.#

Specialists in vanities, Hardware & General offer the new Marquis Concepts Legno, Cascata and Mitra collection of solid timber joinery vanity options.
It starts with a simple, small idea and grows organically. A home should be the practical representation of our ideas, our thoughts and our ways of life.

It’s with this sentiment in mind that we are delighted to bring to you, detailed timber based products of breathtaking beauty.
Both the Legno and the Legno Cascata features highly detailed joinery in solid timber that showcases minimalist sophistication and quality.

With two different styles to choose from, the focus is on a well-executed product that strives to create a harmonious, natural feel.

Seamless joinery is one of the hallmarks of a true craftsman. From mankind’s earliest manipulation of sticks for warmth and shelter, wood has come to be inseparably connected to the human condition. Timber adds value, beauty and a touch of nature into everyday life. The Legno and Legno Cascata are both available in a range of finishes to fit any space or need.

All timbers are from sustainable managed forests with certified chain of custody certificates from the supplier. The recycled hardwood is recovered from old buildings which have been demolished and is often in excess of 100 years old at the time of demolition. No Illegally cut timber is used in any products and no endangered or threatened species are used.

The Legno is available in a range of finishes:

  • American Walnut
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Teak
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Recycled Brown Hardwood
  • American Oak

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