Five Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Door


Five Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Door

Hamptons-style home has become a broad term here in Australia.  Modern and traditional both make up a Hamptons style home. Australians have created their own features for the style. 

That’s why there is such a wide variety of door to choose from. We all want to modify home styles at least slightly so that they match our lifestyles, but to do that, you have to be careful that the modifications don’t go too far or else you may not attain the Hamptons look you desire.

Hamptons Interior Doors

When purchasing an interior door for a classic Hamptons style home, consider simple colours like blues, greys and whites, with tones that fit in with the look you want. Make sure that they embrace the palette of the walls and flooring to bring a sense of warm welcoming. 

Popular options for Hamptons homes are the panelled and barn style doors. 


Traditional doors are the obvious choice. In bedrooms and bathrooms, the Corinthian Moda PMOD8 Solid internal doors with two panels also fit perfectly. 

Hamptons Front Doors

For the front of your home, go for double doors instead of single or put windows on both sides of the door. This is because Hamptons homes focus on symmetry. 

Unlike the other colour palettes for interior doors, exterior doors can sometimes be quite outstanding with colours such as blue, giving the house an eye-catching look. 


Contrasting is ideal for the Hamptons style. If you decide to paint your door blue or another stand-out colour, paint only the door like that and paint the architraves around the door to complement the window frames and/or walls of the home.

Alternatively, if you want your home to have a fashionable and dignified Hamptons look, try a matte black or high-gloss black door. Whatever the colour of the front door, the exterior of it does not have to be the same as the interior. The interior can be painted white to suit the walls if that looks better to you. 

Hamptons French Doors

The Hamptons look is about details, from rugs and fabrics, through to exterior finishes.

It would have been easy to go for larger panes of glass, but the French doors and windows add to that look and give it a timeless charm while not compromising on natural light.

Hamptons Garage Doors

For the garage, think about doors with timber panelling that stand out.

Most of the design ideas for the front door also apply for the garage, even though they are custom-made.

To add a nice touch, you could even add an awning over the top of the garage door.

Doors Handles & Hardware

To produce the Traditional or Modern  look, you may combine  the nice Hamptons doors with highlights of chrome, gold, antique and silver of the handles and hardware.

Choose the right door handles to add more details and increment the Hamptons style. t’s not only a decorative style which gives the luxury touch, but can secure your home with the digital locks.

See below our Staff Pick for Doors Handles:


Left – Hamptons Oxford Zanda Handle, Middle:Tradco Hampton Handle, Right: French Style Black Handle

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