Bosch – Work with the best

Bosch – Work with the best

Bosch - Can you feel what it's like to work with the best?

Every tradie has a favourite tool, and when you look at the drill and impact drivers from Bosch, it’s no surprise that a lot of them say it’s Bosch.

But why are these brushless drills and impact drivers so highly regarded?

It’s simple, they feel amazing in the hand. They’re tough as they come, and have a lot of well thought out features. And that’s all before you feel the power in your hands.

Here are two of their latest tools and why they’re great to work with.

1. Bosch gsb 18v-ec professional impact drill

The GSB 18V-EC Professional is a robust, Mid-range Impact Drill Driver with advanced kickback control. It also has a precision clutch for enhanced control.

This 18V tool has an impact drilling function that leaves most other drills in the dust.

The brushless motor gives it an extremely useful power range between 31 and 60Nm. This power is transmitted through two gear settings, with tops of 600 and 1,900 rpm.

It comes with a full-metal chuck for high durability, making it capable of handling some of the toughest jobs on site.

The best feature of the GSB 18V-EC is simply how it feels in the hand. It fits like a glove. With its short head length and ergonomic design, you will instantly feel like you’re working with the best.

2. bosch - GDX 18v-ec Impact driver

You’ll feel like you’ve gone to the next level with the GDX 18V-EC. This is probably the most universal impact driver in its class. With its brushless motor you get up to 100% longer lifetime, with an amazing max’ torque setting of 185Nm.

Its compact design and 18V battery, allow you to deliver incredible power in the tightest places. And special bit holders of ½” square and ¼” hexagon allow for an even wider range of applications.

But what makes this impact driver special is how it feels when you hold it. Like the GSB 18V-EC it simply becomes an extension of your arm and hand.

The power, durability and ergonomic compactness of the Bosch GDX 18V-EC will make you feel like you’re working with the best.

At Hardware & General we believe it’s essential to work with good materials and great tools. That’s why we carry a full range of Bosch power tools for all tradies, builders and serious renovators. These are just two examples. If you would like to see and feel more of what we have on offer, come down to our store. We’re at level 2 at 38 Winbourne Road, Brookvale. We’ll put these tools right in your hands, so you can feel the best for yourself.  

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