Easy in, Easy out security

Easy in, Easy out security

Ever worried about your deadlock hampering a quick exit from your house? Fumbling with keys when you need to get out in an emergency creates even more panic which is why AuSTYLE developed myLock.

myLOCK, available for use with a push/pull roller latch or lever-latching mechanism, is equipped with both a snib privacy bolt function and keyed-cylinder deadbolt function. This integrated dual functionality resolves the dilemma of complying with insurance companies who require keyed-deadbolt locking while still enabling a quick, keyless exit.

Installed on the inside of the door, the privacy snib allows you to quickly and easily deadlock the door by flicking the snib on the handle or escutcheon set. The snib, in either vertical or horizontal position, indicates whether the door is locked or unlocked.

For ultimate security when you are away from the house myLOCK includes a separate and internally integrated cylinder-locking deadbolt manufactured from one solid piece of brass extrusion extending 85mm across the door jam and back into the lock case. Using your key from the outside automatically disengages both locking mechanisms.

It’s all about a good idea becoming a reality. Easy in, easy out. Easy on the mind.