Dulux Wash ‘n Wear 101 – Australia’s favourite paint

Dulux Wash ‘n Wear 101 – Australia’s favourite paint

When you decide to change the colour of your home you’ll find yourself pondering which colour and spending most of your time deciding on a colour and with good reason. Colour is what creates the feel and sets the mood for your lifestyle. You will spend very little time thinking about what paint brand or type of paint to use. Paint has a very important role in your home other than the colour it is. You will want a paint that is easy to apply, easy to clean, and more importantly a paint which makes it easy to breathe and live with.
We’ve chosen Dulux Wash ‘n Wear 101 because it is a premium flat paint that contains barrier technology to actively repel stains and has superior wash-ability and is highly scuff resistant.

Wash & Wear has an unbeatable colour range and is a low VOC Eco Choice paint. This means it’s low odour and is more friendly to our environment and better for you and every other member living in your household.
When you’ve decided on the paint brand, we’ve chosen Dulux Wash ‘n Wear 101 for our project. You will need to decide on the sheen level as this can dramatically change the appearance of your walls. A low sheen or flat paint is designed to hide surface imperfections like the dimpled texture of Plasterboard or render better than gloss or high gloss paints. It is recommended that you use a flat or low sheen on walls and ceilings. A gloss finish is recommended for woodwork trims like doors, skirtings and architraves.
You may be quite keen to get going on your project but hold off on that enthusiasm until you’ve prepared your surfaces. A light sand and a good clean with sugar soap is sufficient for most surfaces however if you have holes or dents in the walls fill them first with the appropriate filler. You can read more about the right filler here (LINK to another article??). Make sure to use a quality masking tape to mask all the areas you don’t want to get paint on. Remember preparation is the key as it’s what’s underneath that makes the difference.
Deciding on colour is a discussion all on it’s own. Dulux has a fabulous website full of information about choosing colours, how they go together and even a collection of schemes from their colour designers so you don’t have to decide all on your own.
Remember to enjoy your painting project & call on the specialists at any Hardware & General paint store to help you. We can even arrange for our colour consultant to visit you.
Download the Dulux Painting Guide & Tips

Painting Tips

  • When using a sample pot make sure you test it in a few different areas so you can see how the colour looks in different light.  There can be significant differences.
  • When a wall is less than perfect it’s best to opt for low sheen or flat paints, as these hide imperfections better.
  • When choosing wall colours think about the colours around your home that you already love.
  • If you have a vase or even a bath towel that is the perfect colour for you, take it in to your Inspirations store and get a custom colour made up.