Build a vegetable garden bed, fast

Build a vegetable garden bed, fast

Eat fresh greens from the garden! Today we show you how to build your own raised garden bed with timber sleepers and White’s Retain-it post systems. No Screws – No Nails! It’s quick, it’s easy, and in no time you’ll be planting your next banquet!


This article uses Whites Retain-iT® 75mm System and  H4 treated timber sleepers to build a 1.2 x 2.4 metre garden bed that is 400mm deep / 2 sleepers deep.

In this article you will find

  • Materials List
  • Tools List
  • Step-by-step instructions
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Materials List





Product Code


Treated timber sleepers H4 (Ask for 2 sleepes r to be cut in half to 1.2m length)




Retain-iT Corner Post

750mm x 75mm




Boral Quickset Concrete mix

20Kg bag




Coolaroo Weed Control Mat

90cm x 10 mtr roll



Rocky point premium potting mix  gmrppot300

30 L bag




Rocky point organic garden soil

30 L bag




Rocky point sugar cane mulch



Tools List

You may already have some of these tools in your garage or garden shed. If you don’t add them to your materials order and remember to ask about free delivery weekdays!


• Shovel

• Level

• Post Hole Digger

• Measuring Tape

• Level

• String Line

• Safety Mask

• Safety Eye Glasses

• Safety Boots

• Safety Gloves

• Bucket

NOTE: Always wear personal protective equipment appropriate for the tools and materials you will be working with. Dust and dirt can quickly get into your lungs and eyes so always protect yourself before undertaking any projects. Wear protective footwear as materials are heavy and can cause injury. A sturdy pair of well-fitting protective gloves protect your hands.

PLANTS– We recommend buying plants from a local independent nursery. The plants will be adjusted to the local climate, and you will be supporting a local Australian business.

To use the online order form, simply copy & paste the required materials from the build a garden bed materials list into the order form and submit your order. We will call you regarding payment prior to delivering the goods.


Let’s get started!

Watch this short instruction video by Whites Retain-It Post Systems.


Check out our video on building a retaining wall using heavy-duty metal posts

Link to YouTube Retain-It Retaining Wall Video

Mark out the area where you want your garden bed.

Start by laying out the sleepers on their edge where you want the garden to be. Use the corner posts to help you keep everything square and snug-fitting.

If your ground is sloping, you will need to use a mattock and dig channels to help level out your base. Keep testing with a sleeper to check how level the channel is.

Mark where you need to dig the holes around the corner posts.

Use the tape measure to check that your measurements between stages. It’s difficult to adjust the position of a post once it’s set in concrete!


Measure between garden posts

Dig the first hole.

The hole will need to be 350mm deep to leave enough length on the post holders for the 400mm high walls of your garden bed.

Use the shovel to cut through any lawn roots

Keep your hole narrow, so you have less to dig and less to back-fill. Post hole diggers are designed for digging small holes. They scoop out the dirt like a giant pair of tongs!

Check to see the post fits neatly into the hole with about 5-10cm’s of space around the hole.

Once the hole is dug, position the post where you want it.

Use a level to ensure the post is upright, checking levels front to back and side to side.

Use a little dirt in the base to help stabilise the post temporarily, while you dig the other holes.

Put the sleepers back in place to help you keep the holes in the right place and to help you keep the angles square.

Dig the remaining holes and position the posts again.

Slot the sleepers into place.

Make sure the sleepers are level, and the posts are upright.

You can use excess dirt under the edge of the sleeper to help level out the timber.

Then add a bag of quick-set concrete to each hole. WEAR A DUST MASK.

Open the bag with a knife or use the edge of the shovel to split the bag.

Pour the bag into the hole, ensuring to place the concrete around all sides of the post.

Add 2 litres of water to the hole

Check your post is till level and that it has not moved. Leave it for 20 minutes to set and try not to bump it while it is setting.

Use the shovel to mix the water down into the concrete gently.

Repeat the same process with the next 3 holes, using the sleepers in position to keep you garden bed square and straight.

Once all of your posts are in, you can assemble the sleepers.


Fill in the garden bed.

Quickset concrete is a fast setting product, however, if you could wait a day before backfilling the holes with the soil you will help the concrete to cure a little longer.

Roll out the weed mat to 4 metres in length.

Cut a 4.0 metre length, then cut it in lengthways, to create 2 long narrow strips. Use a staple gun to fix these strips to the inside of your garden bed.

Cut another full length at 2.4 metres long to lay over the base of your garden box.

Fill the garden bed with the 8 bags of Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix and level with a rake or your hands.

Pour the 8 bags of Rocky Point Garden Soil Mix and level again.

Now you are ready to plant your plants, once planted cover them with a good layer of sugar cane mulch and a gentle watering with a soft spray.

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