Bring Light into your Bathroom

Bring Light into your Bathroom

Is your bathroom too dark, too small or poorly ventilated?

Here are 6 ideas on how you can use Velux Skylights to bring light into your bathroom.

Live well whilst bathing in the light.

Light, well-ventilated bathrooms are a healthy choice for any home. Fresh air and daylight are credited with boosting brain power, mental wellbeing, and vitamin absorption to reduce asthma and respiratory conditions.

Opening up your bathroom to fresh air and natural light impacts your mood and mental health. Showering can take on a new meaning, too, when you have fresh air and natural light flooding into your bathroom. You may be getting clean in the shower, but with a well-lit room, you’re also getting an improved sense of wellbeing; talk about being ready to take on the day or detox after a long one.

Here are 6 upgrades that can  brighten up your bathroom!

How to brighten a dark bathroom

Dark colours are trendy in bathrooms, but how do you brighten up a dark coloured bathroom?

Velux Skylights bring extra light into the bathroom without having to change the entire colour scheme.

Velux skylights flood light into this darker bathroom with the addition of two VELUX solar-powered skylights fitted with honeycomb blinds.

How to get more wall space in your bathroom

Owners of this home opted to remove the window in the external wall to create more bathing privacy and space for a free-standing bath. The shower and bath each gained a space of their own.

The builders installed one fixed and one solar skylight fitted with solar block out blinds.

How to improve ventilation in your bathroom

Bathrooms can quickly become hiding spots for mould and dampness. Improve the ventilation in your bathroom with Velux Roof Windows.

In this bathroom renovation, the owners installed two solar skylights with block out blinds.

The Solar Skylights can be pre-programmed to ventilate the room even when you are away and automatically close if it starts to rain.

bathe in sunlight

You don’t need to be in a tropical resort to enjoy the benefits of showering in the sunlight. With Velux windows, you can bathe in luxury every day!

To enhance the size of the long narrow bathroom, the owners fitted a single length Velux Skylight straight down the centre of the bathroom.

Use natural light when applying makeup

Nothing looks quite the same under artificial lights, especially make-up! That’s why the morning make-up ritual is best done under the natural light provided by the Velux windows.

This extension under the verandah became home to the guest bathroom, and twin Velux Solar Skylights were installed to maximise the morning daylight.

How to turn your bathroom into a day spa of light?

Soaking in the bath is a luxury many of us don’t have time for, but when you do, wouldn’t you like to relax while looking up at the clouds or even the stars?

Scandanavian makeover

Los Angeles-based blogger Molly Madfis’s interior design style is a charming blend of minimalist Scandinavian and Boho-chic aesthetics.

Molly executed this bright, warm makeover and included twin solar tunnels over the shower. The bright light bounces softly off the crisp white tiles and is reflected into the room by the horizontal mirror.

Rose gold tapware and hardware coordinates well with warm timbers and textured fabrics.

We’ve included a before photo to inspire you!