Tradies, It’s Time to Cut the Cord!

Bosch GBH 18V-45 C

Tradies, It’s Time to Cut the Cord!

Get industrial power from the Bosch 18V BITURBO Brushless Range!

As the name suggests, BITURBO has two key elements when it comes to BITURBO Brushless Technology by Bosch: the best 18V lithium-ion battery, in conjunction with the best motor in cordless tools.

The BITURBO Brushless range covers your needs for sawing, plunge cuts, angle grinding, high-torque impact wrenches and SDS hammer drilling.

These all-new motors provide up to 2,000 watts of corded power from a single ProCORE18V lithium-ion battery – achieve corded power, without the cord.

By using the 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah ProCORE18V batteries, unleash the full potential of the power from the BITURBO motor.

More power doesn’t have to weigh you down, BITURBO Brushless tools are lightweight and easy to handle on-site, compared to competitor brands that use two batteries.

These tools are also backwards compatible with all Bosch 18V batteries. For best charging times – use the Bosch Turbocharger – the world’s fastest 18V charger.

The next generation of new high-performance cordless power tools – bringing corded power onto your Jobsite, just without the cord.

What is BITURBO Brushless?

Each tool in the range features the BITURBO Brushless Motor that allows the tools to draw the maximum power out of one 18V battery.

In other words, there is no need for dual or multiple battery usage on one tool at a time. Bosch BITURBO can achieve up to 2000W corded equivalent power from one ProCORE18V battery.

It is optimised for ProCORE18V batteries, but compatible with all 18V tools running on the existing Bosch Professional 18V battery platform. New BITURBO tools, same ProCORE18V batteries.

All of Bosch’s batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch professional tools in the same voltage class. For unleashing the maximum power of BITURBO tools, use a ProCORE18V 8.0Ah or 12.0Ah battery.

Corded 240V Tools vs Cordless BITURBO Brushless:

With the introduction of battery-run compatibility, power tools have become more portable than ever, resulting in corded power tools slowly becoming extinct on site.

However, the begging question is: do battery-operated power tools pack as much punch as the power output of traditional corded power tools?

And the answer is yes with BITURBO Brushless by Bosch.

The power of only one ProCORE18V battery in combination with the BITURBO motor unleashes the full potential of corded power from a cordless tool.

Bosch knows that efficiency is key to getting the job done, which is why BITURBO tools are also lightweight to allow for powerful and longer-lasting work with less downtime.

  • Lighter cordless tools, paired with only one 18V battery = less fatigue and physical strain when working – tick!
  • No cords on-site – tick!
  • Get the job done quicker with less tool downtime – tick!
  • Plenty of grunt and power – tick, tick, tick!

What do others have to say about BITURBO Brushless?

When Jamie from What Tradies Want Magazine put the GWS 18V-45 C BITURBO Brushless Grinder to the ultimate test, and he was nothing short of impressed by the power output when comparing this grinder to its predecessor with a non-BITURBO motor.

Jamie grabbed a chunk of structural steel, fired up the GWS 18V-45 C BITURBO Brushless grinder and began leaning on the tool to put extra pressure on the motor.

He immediately noticed that the motor was not making any unusual sounds to indicate tension and the tool was showing no signs of slowing down.

“The new BITURBO system is a beast” is how Jamie described this grinder after pushing further down with 105kg of body weight.

Of course, not every user would apply such pressure and nor should they, however this ‘tough test’ clearly exemplified the power of the BITURBO Brushless motor when paired with a ProCORE18V 8.0Ah battery.

What is included in the current BITURBO Brushless Range?

  • 1600W Brushless 216mm Slide Mitre Saw: GCM 18V-216
  • 2000W Brushless 305MM Glide Saw: GCM 18V-305 GDC
  • 1800W Brushless 184mm Circular Saw: GKS 18V-68 C
  • 1800W Brushless 184mm Circular Saw: GKS 18V-68 GC
  • 1600W Brushless 52mm Plunge Saw: GKT 18V-15 C
  • 1500W Brushless 125mm Grinder: GWS 18V-15 C
  • 1000Nm Brushless High Torque ½” Impact Wrench: GDS 18V-1000
  • 1050Nm Brushless High Torque ¾” Impact Wrench: GDS 18V-1050 H
  • 950W Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS: GBH 18V-34 CF
  • 1000W Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS: GBH 18V-36 C
  • 1500W Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS: GBH 18V-45 C


More BITURBO Brushless Tools joining the range in 2021 and 2022.

BITURBO tools are the future of Industrial power tools, achieving revolutionary performance from cordless tools using just one ProCORE18V battery, a platform that’s already in use across the rest of Bosch’s 18V range.

Backed by a 6 Year Warranty that covers all Bosch Professional Power Tools, Batteries and Chargers. Get more bang for your buck!

For more information, please contact our Industrial Manager Matt on 02 8456 1288