Bosch 18V 7ah Procore Battery

Bosch 18V 7ah Procore Battery

Introducing 18V 7.0Ah Procore Battery

Bosch 18v 7Ah Procore Battery

Wondering which tools you should buy or maybe which battery lasts the longest?
Here’s a tip into batteries to help you choose the right tool.

Introducing the new 7.0Ah Procore battery from Bosch, with the ever-growing need to increase the usage time for Bosch tools this new Procore 7Ah battery allows tradies to take advantage of 87%more power than competitors high powered batteries with the luxury of a sleek 28% more compact design at a modest weight of 810g.

The new technology developed for this battery includes Bosch’s unique COOLPACK technology which prevents overheating and increases the overall performance of the battery, it directs heat to the outside of the battery leaving the inner battery cool which results in longer continuous run time as well as a longer lifetime for your battery.

With the development of this new Procore technology Bosch has continued to create the highest performance products for Bosch Professional consumers, creating powerful tools, longer lasting batteries and innovating charging solutions to increase the efficiency and performance of their tools.

Key Product Highlights

  • +87% more power than the previous generation (GBA 18V 6.0Ah).
  • Continuous high-performance due to superior heat management COOLPACK 2.0.
  • 100% compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V tools & chargers.
  • Up to +135% longer lifetime against batteries without CoolPack Bosch technology.
  • 28% more compact vs. comparable competitor battery with similar power level.
  • Charging time (with GAL 1880 CV): 100% in 64 minutes.

Put it to the test

The Bosch CORE18 V 6.3 Ah Battery is the best-built battery on the planet* and is the core of an end-to-end product system that offers superior performance than previous generations – greater power, more runtime and backward and forward compatibility across the full Bosch 18 V cordless lineup in a compact size.

Employing next-generation Lithium-Ion technology, the CORE18 V produces up to 1,440 Watts of energy, 80% more than previous-generation 6.0 Ah batteries.

Bosch has answered the need for stronger and longer-lasting battery performance in high-load applications, a corded-like performance where cordless tools have previously been unable to provide enough power and runtime.

Put to the test drilling in concrete with the Bosch GBH18 V-26 SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Rotary Hammer, the CORE18 V delivered up to 15% more holes using a 1/2 In. bit drilling 5 In. deep than previous-generation 18 V 6.0 Ah batteries; with 1 In. holes drilling 6 In. deep, it delivered up to 32% more holes.

Carrying more energy density than the previous-generation cells, the 10 next-gen, high-powered cells in this battery are welded and rail-connected for high-current efficiency. They deliver performance comparable to batteries that are made with 15 standard cells (making them up to 35% larger).

The 1.8 Lbs. CORE18 V features the Bosch-exclusive CoolPack 2.0, which is an advanced configuration that provides up to 35% more cooling effect than predecessor batteries and provides up to 135% more battery life than batteries that don’t have CoolPack technology.

The optional Bosch BC1880 18 V Fast Charger can charge a spent CORE18 V to 80% in 41 minutes and to 100% in 55 minutes. CORE18 V is the compatible, compact and lightweight high-power 18 V Lithium-Ion battery. *vs. leading power tool competitors.