The LYSAGHT® roofing and walling range has long been a design favourite for Australian architects and designers, due to its aesthetic appeal and versatile application.

Inspired by the best in European design, the six profiles in the LYSAGHT ZENITH™ range each offer a distinctive character which makes their own dramatic and stylish statement.

LYSAGHT LONGLINE® 305 is a striking cladding that combines slender, high ribs and broad, flat pans for a bold and beautiful visual. LONGLINE® 305 is available with plain or fluted pans, to suit any home design.

With raised panels and recessed, ‘channel-like’ joins, LYSAGHT DOMINION® cladding has a sleek and contemporary character which will suit any modern architecture. DOMINION® can be used in long lengths vertically or horizontally on a structure, or in shorter lengths for a ‘block-like’ effect, making unique patterns and designs possible.

Powerful yet elegant, create strong visual designs with LYSAGHT IMPERIAL™ cladding. Featuring broad, flat pans and slender, well-defined ribs, this cladding profile is incredible versatile and the perfect complement to any building design.
LYSAGHT BAROQUE® is a timeless profile, reminiscent of heritage roofs, that pairs well with any building style. No matter the application, LYSAGHT BAROQUE® cladding has a stylish linear visual thanks to its wide, flat pans and rounded ribs.

Effortlessly stylish and structurally sound. LYSAGHT ENSEAM® is a versatile modern cladding solution. Combining broad flat pans and a lower, yet substantial rib to create another distinct visual dynamic in a cladding – perfect for your next home renovation.

And last, but not least, LYSAGHT SNAPSEAM® features the pan and rib profile of ENSEAM® while offering greater design flexibility.
These innovative steel profiles have even greater design flexibility when you consider the wide variety of colours and materials that can be selected. These include the Classic and Contemporary COLORBOND® steel colour ranges, or for something more subtle there is the COLORBOND® steel Matt colour range.

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