Argent Evo Smart Toilet

Argent Evo Smart Toilet

As smart toilets become increasingly popular across Australia, the Argent Evo Smart Toilets are among the most popular. 

They’re a perfect addition to your modern bathroom design. With up-to-date technology, superior functionality and seamless lines, they add elegance and style to any bathroom or toilet.

The Wall Faced Evo Smart Toilet from Argent comes in a package, including; the cistern, a flush plate of choice, toilet pan and remote control.

If you are considering a Smart Toilet there are some things you should know.

  1. Smart toilets operate using built-in technology that is user-controlled, just like a Smart Phone or a Smart TV.
  2. Smart Toilets offer many functions like, radio, seat warmers, bidet water spray, air-drying, even night lights and automatic lids.
  3. Smart Toilets are often space-saving by design.
  4. With completely touchless operation, Smart Toilets are incredibly hygienic and ideal for the aging population and those with movement difficulties.
  5. However, Smart Toilets are a larger investment, they require specialist technicians if there is an issue and they could take a little getting used to if you are not familiar with the technology. 
  6. If you are considering a Smart Toilet, you can’t go past the Argent EVO for design and value. Play the video below to take a closer look at the features.


The Evo Smart Toilet was designed to be the next generation smart toilet – combining beautiful aesthetics with superior functionality to allow a highly personalised experience every time.

The Wall Faced toilet is smooth-sided and is fully integrated- meaning that the water system and power supply is unexposed. The Evo Smart Toilet also has a single water supply allowing for easy switch off of water without having to dismantle the system. The new smart technology is hidden out of view in an aesthetically designed toilet pan.

Toilet seat

Unlike other Smart toilet designs on the market, the Evo has a sleek toilet seat design, rather than a ski-ramp-like shape. The design also includes a soft close seat that has been ergonomically designed so it is extremely comfortable to sit on.  

The seat is heated and can be adjusted via the remote.

Pan & flushing

The Evo Smart toilet was designed with hygienic flush rimless technology, allowing for an efficient flush every time allowing the water to reach all around the pan.

Built into the pan is a nightlight which automatically activates when the room is dark, and you can choose to turn it off if not desired. This feature is particularly convenient for late night toilet trips.

The Evo design also includes an anti-splash rim. This feature also allows for easy cleaning. 

Unlike other toilets, hygienic flush rimless technology allows the water from each flush to reach the entire pan, giving it an even, full clean each time. The Evo Smart Toilet also features an anti-splash rim design, which means that no water ends up on the toilet seat or floor.

Bidet nozzle

The 2 way water nozzle has a 360 cleaning function, cleaning itself after every flush. The nozzle has two settings in direction allowing the user to experience a full clean.

The water temperature for posterior and feminine cleaning can be adjusted from 34.5 to 38.5˚ Celsius, with your choice of a pulsating backwards and forwards function or a massage function. Each water spray function allows you to adjust between five stages from gentle to firm to achieve the perfect clean each time.

The water nozzle also has a 360˚ self-cleaning function, meaning the nozzle cleans itself before and after each use. Additionally the nozzle can be manually removed for a more thorough clean.

air drying

In addition to posterior and feminine cleaning with warmed water, the Evo Smart Toilet can dry users with warmed air. The air temperature can be adjusted from 37.8 to 59.9˚ Celsius, and the air volume can be adjusted as part of a five speed fan. This air drying feature eliminates the use of toilet paper, making the Evo Smart Toilet extremely eco friendly.

Remote control and side panel

The integrated control panel on the left hand side of the smart toilet allows you to control most features of the Evo Smart Toilet including the popular posterior and feminine wash, and the drying function. It also allows you to turn off the nightlight function by holding down the rear wash button for five seconds.

In addition to the integrated control panel, there is also a separate portable remote.

The remote control is uncomplicated and intuitive, and has a sleek, minimalist design. The remote control allows users the ability to easily adjust all functions of the Evo Smart Toilet. The buttons on the remote control also light up when pressed, which is handy when being used at night and for visually identifying which settings are activated.

Hygiene and Safety

The Evo Smart Toilet seat is manufactured with an antibacterial ABS gloss surface. The ABS gloss is non-pourous which means bacteria are unable to form on the surface, making it incredibly hygienic. The ABS gloss combined with the high-quality ceramic used in the pan makes the toilet easy to clean, and also means that it requires less chemicals.

There is also an auto deodorising feature built into the pan which activates when the toilet is in use. A hidden sensor built into the seat determines when the toilet is in use, signalling to the fan that is fitted in the pan with a carbon filter to extract unwanted odours. The carbon filter is replaceable and is available as a spare part.

The Evo Smart Toilet is safe for the whole family to use, as it is fitted with a user detection sensor which automatically stops all functions when the user moves away from the seat. Smaller children under 8 years old should be supervised if using the smart toilet functions.

Overall the Argent Evo Smart toilet is an efficient design and maybe the perfect addition to your next modern bathroom design.

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