Argent EVO Smart Toilet FAQs

Argent EVO Smart Toilet FAQs

Your top FAQ’s answered. Find out the answers to your frequently asked questions about the Argent Evo Smart Toilet Collection.

The Argent Evo Smart Toilet is the next generation in smart toilet design – combining beautiful aesthetics with superior functionality to allow a highly personalised experience every time. But how does it work? 

In this blog Argent, answers some common frequently asked questions.

What is a smart toilet?

It’s perhaps more commonly recognized as a Japanese toilet and you may have come across them on your travels in Asian and European countries. The easy answer is: a smart toilet is a bidet and a standard toilet combined into one space saving package with a LOT of features, like heated water and seat, heated air drying and much more.

Can the night light be turned off?

Yes, using the side controls, press and hold the rear wash button for 5 seconds to turn off the night light, and reverse this process to reactivate it.

What are the temperature ranges for the heated seat, water and air?

Each function has 5 temperatures settings, water and heated seat range from 34 to 38˚ Celsius, with the air temp ranging from 38 to 50˚ Celsius. The temperatures automatically default to the mid-range when you turn the seat on.

Is the seat heater always on?

The seat heater automatically defaults to the mid-range setting, however, by simply pressing the minus button you can turn the heater off as desired.

How does the remote attach to the wall?

The remote is held onto the wall mount bracket magnetically, the bracket has two attachment options, it can be screwed onto the wall or if you have a smooth clean surface, it can be held on with the double sided tape supplied.

I’ve lost the remote – what can I do?

The smart toilet can be operated via the side controls without the remote. The remote control is available as a spare part, so if you require one please get in contact with us to order.

Is the remote control battery operated?

Yes – the remote is battery operated. Each remote comes with two AAA batteries that can activate around 40 000 times, meaning the batteries with last probably around 2 years.

Is the power supply concealed?

Yes, the power and water supply are both concealed adding to the easy to clean look everyone is demanding in their bathrooms.

Is it easy to turn the water off to the smart toilet for maintenance?

Yes – one of the really strong features of the Evo Smart Toilet is the ability to turn off the water supply from inside the cistern which is accessed via the flush plate.

What tradespeople do you need for this installation?

You will need both a licensed plumber and electrician to install the smart toilet safely – both of which are normally involved in a bathroom renovation.

What spare parts might I need?

There is a range of spare parts available and some are included with the original supply including a spare set of smart seat screw covers (in case the installer misplaces them) and a spare nozzle. Remote controls, air filters and many other spare parts are available as required.

How do the odours get extracted from the smart toilet through the active carbon filter?

The deodoriser fan extracts the odours into the carbon filter located at the rear right-hand corner of the seat which automatically starts as soon as you sit on the seat.

Why is the seat shaped the way it is?

The seat has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and distribution of seat heating.

Will the seat yellow?

No! It is 100% polypropylene which is colour fast, and there are no PVC resins used which is the usual cause of seat yellowing.

What is the cost to run the smart toilet and how much electricity does it use?
This is a bit of a subjective question depending on usage, however, the seat can draw 1200 watts, if you use it 10 times a day for 6 minutes that would use 1KH of power, average tariff in Australia is 0.33 cents, so it will cost you 33 cents per day.

Do I need a RPZD?

The RPZD is a high hazard backflow prevention device that will need to be installed by your plumber. All toilets of this nature need a high hazard device that should be registered and checked each year to prevent the chance of any contaminated water flowing back into the clean water supply.

Article was written by Argent Bathrooms.

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