Tips to a NEW Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Tips to a NEW Bathroom

10 Simple Tips To Make Bathroom Renovation Easier On Everyone!

When attempting any project large or small, planning is the key.

  1. Spend plenty of time collecting ideas to create a clear picture of what you would like to achieve. The collection will become a fantastic reference point to show the team at Hardware & General when selecting products.
  2.  You could start a Pinterest board to keep all your digital ideas together. (whilst your there come on over and follow us )
  3. Work out your budget. If you are renovating an existing bathroom it’s always cheaper to leave the plumbing pipes where they are.
  4. Select products that enhance the design you are trying to achieve. The classic claw-foot bath becomes a sculpture statement piece your bathroom.
  5. Sit in the bath and test it for comfort. Check the arm rests, width, neck height, back angle and plug holes to see if they suit you and the other users of the bath.
  6. Flooring should be durable and water resistant. Tiles are the most common flooring choice and Hardware & General has a huge range of different patterns on display. Tiles can even be made to look like ebony or white washed timber.
  7. Consider where your accessory points will be fitted. A towel rack can be fitted to a wall and it requires space. A soap dish needs to be installed within arm’s reach of the bathtub, if it doesn’t boast its own holder.
  8. Mirrors are simply magic in a bathroom. They create space and reflect design elements. Mirrored shaving cabinets hide the cupboards and can be built into the wall cavity. For added practicality install an adjustable make-up mirror close to the vanity cabinet.
  9. Lighting choices need to be both practical and aesthetic. The lighting specialists at Hardware & General can discuss with you the options for mood lighting and purposeful lighting.
  10. Consider the type of door you have in the bathroom and the space it requires. A hinged door takes more room to open. Install a door stopper to ensure the door doesn’t damage any items behind it.

Here is a bonus tip… Consider your hot water unit! In a new bathroom you’ll spend more time admiring your handywork so make sure you have enough hot water to last the distance.

Hardware & General have been helping home owners, plumbers and bathroom renovators since 1950.
We have a great understanding of your needs and how to achieve this within your budget.
You can save time searching for products by visiting at Hardware & General rather than travelling all over Sydney.

Hardware & General has 6 conveniently located stores in Sydney and the Brookvale store is
home to 20 specialist Centres. Among these you’ll find a specialist Bathroom Centre, specialist Tap Centre, specialist Tile Centre, specialist Hot Water Centre, specialist Lock & Door Centre and a specialist Lighting Centre which offer a large range of brands and products on display for you to choose from.