Without doubt it is both thrilling and satisfying to construct masonry features in the garden,

whether creating retaining walls, garden edges or raised beds using the timeless appeal of mortar products, such as bricks and blocks. However all that hard work can become damaged quickly if the cement and mortar products are not adequately moisture sealed – causing that ugly paint bubble.

For a small investment this problem can be avoided by using a waterproofing mortar coating such as Maxseal. The excellent waterproofing quality of Maxseal allows the substrate to breathe, preventing the troublesome water vapour barrier. Designed for life in the elements it works in steaming hot and freezing cold conditions.

Maxseal can go on a dry or a wet surface and it’s so environmentally sound it can even be used in contact with drinking water.


Maxseal is not only effective, it’s easy to apply and is rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions such as coastal seaside locations. The work and expense involved in cement and mortar projects deserve protection from the elements, so protect your work against the elements with the best water-proofer in the business, Maxseal.

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