Hardware & General has lived through more than 50 years of Australian summers, so where else would you go to cool down.

H&G has a huge range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning components along the northern beaches as well as specialist assistants to help you choose the right unit for your lifestyle and your home. It’s a one-stop-shop for a comprehensive range of quality products in stock, saving you time and money.  Project pricing is also available on request.

Drop in and find out about the most power efficient air conditioning systems and how you can keep a lid on your power bills. All the top brands including Elicent, Fantech, Bradflo, Edmonds, Manrose, Paltech and Hydor are available along with everything else you need to get your system up and running.

There is trunking in all colorbond colours; Internal and external exhaust grilles; floor registers; fans for all purposes including sub floor, heat transfer, bathroom & kitchen exhaust; ducting, joiners, fire dampers and access panels. Vents

Everything you need to know about air conditioning and everything you need to know about keeping your cool over rising power costs is right there at your fingertips at H&G.

H&G your one-stop-shop to cool you down!


Although it’s usually the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is often the most popular.  After all, everybody visits it. Create a more stylish and spacious look with these simple tricks.

  • Choose light wall colours to reflect the light and increase brightness and avoid dark heavily-patterned wallpaper.
  • Brighten up the room with skylights or bigger windows, or consider high-watt bulbs and additional light fixtures in low-light areas.
  • Mirrors positioned opposite an outside window will capture incoming light and reflect it back, while full-length horizontal mirrors give the illusion of wider space, and vertical mirrors give a sense of raised height
  • To create more space replace floor cabinets with wall cabinets, install floating shelves in the shower and around the toilet to store shampoo, toiletries and other accessories and don’t forget to use the back of the bathroom door to hang a towel rack.
  • Clutter always makes your bathroom feel cramped and smaller than it is so instead of storing your beauty items on the vanity, store them in the cabinet and keep nick knacks to a minimum.

Drop in and get some great ideas from our bathroom specialists and give your most popular room a facelift.


Australia has a new found passion for cooking at home, and thanks to Smeg it’s not only getting easier, but it’s looking better. Smeg’s induction cooktops have grown in sophistication year by year and now offer both the cook and designer of the house great cooking solutions that save energy as well as effort.

The sleek black Smeg glass cooktop is an asset in any good kitchen with fingertip controls and efficient technology such as instant temperature response, automatic pan size recognition, and automatic stop should the pan boil over or boil dry and a safety lock function.

Induction cooking works differently by using electromagnetic energy to heat the pot itself. Induction energy below the cooktop’s surface produces a current that only reacts with metal – so if you place anything other than metal on the cooktop, it will remain cool.

Cleaning is as simple as wiping over with a damp cloth because the induction cooktop works by creating a magnetic field that heats the actual pot – not the cooktop so there are no more burnt on spills. Smeg offers a range of sizes suitable for all kitchens including their breakthrough 100cm design with four cooking zones sitting side by side eliminating the need to reach across hot pots to reach the back row.



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