Hitachi has charged into the future with revolutionary technology taking batteries to the next level of power.

The 4.OAh lithium boasts up to 33% more run time than 3.0Ah lithium-ion batteries. Naturally, by increasing the power by a third, less time will be spent re-charging the exhausted batteries in your tools.  That means more on-the-job productivity with fewer interruptions to your important jobs.

And Hitachi has made it even easier, with the batteries fully compatible with other Hitachi tools using 18-volt slide lithium-ion batteries. The 4.0Ah batteries are the same size and weight as 3.0Ah batteries, the only difference is their greater capacity. hitachi

A multiplex protection circuit monitoring every cell in the battery ensures that safety isn’t comprised, preventing overload, overcharge and overdischarge. The circuit protection stops the tool instantly should there be a jam or an overload, with the discharge protection ensuring the battery life is extended.

To complement the new batteries Hitachi has designed new high-torque tools providing greater working time per charge. New tools with more compact and lightweight brushless motors provide higher capacity specifications, and when combined with 4.0Ah batteries, runtime efficiency is increased significantly.

Now more than ever you have power you can rely on.


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Entertain at your best

With the kitchen the focal point of any home, space is at a premium. So why not transform your cluttered sink area into a smart, efficient workstation?

Kitchen designers Clark and renowned chef Pete Evans have combined their expertise to create an all-in-one sink and accessories pack. And the results are spectacular.

The clean and clever lines of Clark, combined with the practical expertise of Evans, have produced a superb sink range incorporating integrated accessories to make food preparation and cleaning easier.

Pete_Evans_ClarkThe sinks are crafted from 304-grade stainless steel making them easy to clean, hard wearing and hygienic, as well as stain and odour resistant.

The functional and stylish accessories include a stainless steel colander and drainer tray and a chopping board made from high-quality bamboo. The board has antibacterial and antifungal properties and non-slip rubber feet for secure in-bowl and on-bench food preparation. The colander features a moulded plastic edge to reduce noise, while the drainer converts the full-size bowl to an additional draining surface. All the accessories are designed to sit inside the sink for clutter-free storage.

The Clark Pete Evans kitchen is all about functionality right in the heart of your home.