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New Rheem stainless steel hot water heaters JUST GOT BETTER!

Corrosion resistant, durable, easy to maintain

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UltraDeck is ideal for exterior timber including decking, outdoor furniture and window frames, garage doors, fences and screens. The advanced, wear-resistant formula in UltraDeck significantly outlasts conventional decking oils. UltraDeck has extremely low odour, easy water wash-up and is fast drying allowing two coats to be applied in one day.

UltraDeck also weathers naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling, which ensures easy maintenance. As the pioneers of high performance, environmentally responsible timber care, Intergrain is made in Australia for Australian conditions.


With its aesthetic appeal, timber remains a key material used in creating the outdoor entertaining area. Whether it is being used for decking, furniture, screening or a feature wall, the natural beauty and character of timber creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, perfect for the outdoor room.

Having created your outdoor entertaining area, the next step is to extend the life of your timber by protecting it with a high performance timber finish. All timber, including treated pine, will weather if not protected from the elements. Transparent and semi-transparent timber finishes heighten the beauty of timber and maintain the natural characteristics of the grain while minimising environmental damage that can appear over time such as splitting, rotting and colour loss.

Intergrain UltraDeck is a high-performance, water-based finish for outdoor timber decking and all exterior timber that delivers an exceptionally durable, long-lasting finish. UltraDeck enhances the characteristics of the timber grain and weathers naturally without cracking, blistering or peeling.
If transformation in timber colour is required, Intergrain NaturalStain is recommended.
NaturalStain is a semi-transparent water-based stain with outstanding durability and is ideal for lighter timbers such as treated pine. UltraDeck and NaturalStain significantly outperform conventional decking oils and stains in durability and resistance to UV. Unlike traditional oil-based exterior timber finishes, UltraDeck and NaturalStain have an extremely low odour and are fast drying, allowing two coats to be applied in one day.

Intergrain products are designed for the demands of architects and landscape designers. The Intergrain range is a favourite among professionals and homeowners due to its attractive finishes that give long-lasting performance. Another deciding factor that makes Intergrain a popular choice for residential and commercial applications is its environmental features.

Traditional timber finishes contain Volatile Organic Compounds
(VOCs). These VOCs are greenhouse gas carbon emissions that evaporate into the atmosphere as the coating dries. These compounds are usually petro-chemical solvents that are characterised by strong chemical fumes that contribute to air pollution. Intergrain’s water-based products emit substantially less VOCs, meaning that they are the environmentally responsible option that never compromises on performance.

Intergrain also has a full range of 100ml sample pots available in Intergrain NaturalStain. These handy pre-tinted pots are ideal for testing out a look before completing an entire deck or exterior timber job. They show what the final colour will be like on unique timber species, and are a cheap and effective way of ensuring colour satisfaction.


Hint:Preparation is the key to long lasting, professional looking results. For optimum performance, always prepare with Intergrain Reviva prior to coating. Reviva helps to remove tannin, mould, stains and oil. Use Intergrain Reviva on new and weathered timber to restore colour to grey timber and ensure the coating absorbs evenly.

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From their continual improvement policy MCH Altone have developed a Stainless Steel version of their popular MCH series mail box.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel letterboxes to complement modern building trends.
The Front and Rear sections of the wall boxes pictured are made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel which has a ferritic micro structure, and a high content of the corrosion resisting element, chromium. The newly designed telescopic sleeves are made from Galvabond.
Currently there are five (5) Stainless Steel products available with more designs being developed.

The Stainless Steel MCH No 1 product is designed to suit a cavity size of 170mm High by 235mm Wide, and the depth can vary from 200mm to 350mm.

The Stainless Steel MCH No 2 product (Post Office Preferred)

is designed to suit a cavity size of 170mm High by 360mm Wide, and the depth can vary from 200mm to 350mm.
For situations where a depth greater than 350mm is required, special sleeves can be produced to meet your requirements.
Stainless Steel Surround pictured at the top is suitable for fitting to a 100mm tube.
For further information, product detail or to place an order
please contact our sales staff on (02) 8456 1266