While fencing is designed to keep intruders out, there’s no reason to keep out the view.

Fencing and balustrading has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Pool fencing is simple and unobtrusive, while boundary fencing is stylish and decorative.

Let the light in with glass fencing around your deck, balcony or pool, the perfect choice for areas commanding an unobstructed view. Pool-Fencing

Fencing Manufacturers offers an endless range of styles, colours and materials at prices to suit all layouts and budgets. There are powder-coated modern colours, popular colorbond ranges and the more exotic ripple effects. Some of the balustrading styles are also available in anodised aluminum or stainless steel. Panels are manufactured to your requirements, including curved, raked and down slopes.

Tubular fencing and balustrading remain the most popular choices and can easily be incorporated as part or all of the complete fencing solution.

Gates are another important finishing touch to your home and Fencing Manufacturers offer an enormous variety of designs. They will supply and install driveway and pedestrian gates that slide, swing or open as bi-folds. The gates can be manufactured from any standard fencing designs, or made-to-measure. For increased security they also offer automatic openers or intercoms to welcome guests.


Floating Timber Shelf

Over the years natural timber has edged it’s way back into many homes becoming a popular choice in many bathrooms.
Timber slabs are used to bring warmth to a typically clinical white bathroom and to create a stunning feature drawing they eye away from the functional uses of many bathrooms.

Timber is a versatile material and is at home on a variety of bathroom styles. In a contemporary bathroom, lighter timbers are used to lift the eye away from the floor giving a lighter airy feel to the bathroom whilst blacker timbers lend themselves to a sharper modern appearance. Timbers with a deep red colour work perfectly with more traditional fittings.


When choosing a bowl or vessel for the floating vanity consideration is given to the length of the slab and the placement within the room. Longer slabs can easily accommodate larger rectangular shaped basins whilst shorter slabs best suit a smaller bowl or vessel maximising the available bench space.

TIP: when choosing other sanitary items for your bathroom match square lines with other square lined products and softer round curves with other curved products.

Specialists in vanities, Hardware & General offer the new Marquis Concepts Legno, Cascata and Mitra collection of solid timber joinery vanity options.
It starts with a simple, small idea and grows organically. A home should be the practical representation of our ideas, our thoughts and our ways of life.

It’s with this sentiment in mind that we are delighted to bring to you, detailed timber based products of breathtaking beauty.
Both the Legno and the Legno Cascata features highly detailed joinery in solid timber that showcases minimalist sophistication and quality.

With two different styles to choose from, the focus is on a well-executed product that strives to create a harmonious, natural feel.

Seamless joinery is one of the hallmarks of a true craftsman. From mankind’s earliest manipulation of sticks for warmth and shelter, wood has come to be inseparably connected to the human condition. Timber adds value, beauty and a touch of nature into everyday life. The Legno and Legno Cascata are both available in a range of finishes to fit any space or need.

All timbers are from sustainable managed forests with certified chain of custody certificates from the supplier. The recycled hardwood is recovered from old buildings which have been demolished and is often in excess of 100 years old at the time of demolition. No Illegally cut timber is used in any products and no endangered or threatened species are used.

The Legno is available in a range of finishes:floating-timber-shelf

  • American Walnut
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Teak
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Recycled Brown Hardwood
  • American Oak

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Relax in Luxury with a Free Standing Bath

Wondering what makes a free standing bath so popular? Anyone you speak to will declare it’s decadence!
A free standing bath appeals to many for various reasons but mainly because they are simply stunning!
More and more home owners are incorporating ‘the look’ into spacious bathrooms to create the “wow factor”.
In a nutshell, free standing baths are not attached to a wall and do not need a hob, frame or additional tiling for installation. They are directly plumbed. They are the latest bathroom trend, great for larger bathrooms or can just a easily suit smaller installations close to a wall.


beautiful baths


The extra space required around most free standing baths certainly makes the bathroom appear larger than it really is.
Of course, it is much easier to clean as you can easily move around the bath as most are situated in the centre of a bathroom.

When deciding where to place your bathroom there are several options. Some have the bath installed level on the floor whilst others position the bath on a raised platform. Your plumber/installer can advise which is best for your situation. Others position the bath in front of a window to maximise the views or in front of a shower wall to emphasise the simplicity of design.

There are many free standing baths around to choose from. They can be curvaceous in oval and round designs or very angular with straight sides and edges, some baths combine a variety of design elements. Some baths are made from a natural stone or composite material whilst others are acrylic or high quality metal. The bathing surface can also vary in finishes from a high gloss to a very flat matt finish.


free-standing-baths caroma-free-standing-bath free-standing-bath-caroma






The variety of free standing baths vary in depth and length and it’s easy to find one that suits your body type. Get in a try it out. Consider the space for yourself, your partner & your kids if they will be using it. Is there enough room for your shoulders and your legs. Can you relax in it? Is your head supported?

TIP: When selecting a bath there is one golden rule – get in & try it!

About the Caroma Auror Free standing bath
Nothing says luxury like a free standing bath. This beautiful oval design will make your bath experience just that much more special. A seamless design with minimalist styling, complete with an offset waste for a comfortable bathing experience.

Available in two sizes, including a compact size for smaller bathrooms.

  • 1580 x 735 x 560
  • Plug & Waste not included
  • Colour: White
  • Includes footlocker fittings (not fitted) (A footlocker stops a free standing bath from tipping over)
  • Water Capacity 245L

Make sure to check availability.

If you haven’t quite got the room for a free standing bath Caroma has the solution. Ideal for small spaces, yet spacious and comfortable enough for two, the Urbane back-to-wall bath ensures a relaxing soak. Bringing together the sophisticated look of a free standing bath and the practicalities of a standard island bath, the integrated design of the Urbane bath makes it easy to clean. Indulgent yet affordable, it makes for the perfect addition to any bathroom.

  • 1675 x 780 x 570
  • Plug and waste not included
  • Includes footlocker fittings (not fitted). (A footlocker stops a free standing bath from tipping over)


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From the basement to the roof, Sika provides an entire range of products for the repair, protection, construction or sealing of your building. With over 100 years’ experience in supplying products for construction and industry we are confident that we have the perfect solution, no matter what your requirement. Sika & H&G – Your local provider of solutions for construction and industry.

Elastic Bonding Sika can provide the optimum bonding and sealing solutions for interior and exterior finishes, which meet all of the design and performance specification in full. We work in close collaboration with architects, engineers and specialist contractors to achieve better alternative to conventional screwing and nailing.

Joint Sealing for the function and the durability of the building envelope joint sealing is the key importance despite the fact that it is only a small part of the entire construction. The purpose of joint sealing generally is to prevent passage of media (air, water chemicals, smoke etc), to also provide thermal and sound insulation and to enhance the visual appearance of the whole construction

Grouting and FixingGrout mortars are free-flowing, high-strength cement or synthetic resin-based mortars, used for filling of voids under machines and other structural elements as well as for the grouting of anchors. Sika can provide all technologies of grouting materials for specific application on job sites

Concrete Maintenance and Repair Sika is considered to be the industry leader concrete repair and protection. Many year of research and development plus decades of practical experience, which enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, reactive aggregates, and others.

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