Relax in Luxury with a Free Standing Bath

Wondering what makes a free standing bath so popular? Anyone you speak to will declare it’s decadence!
A free standing bath appeals to many for various reasons but mainly because they are simply stunning!
More and more home owners are incorporating ‘the look’ into spacious bathrooms to create the “wow factor”.
In a nutshell, free standing baths are not attached to a wall and do not need a hob, frame or additional tiling for installation. They are directly plumbed. They are the latest bathroom trend, great for larger bathrooms or can just a easily suit smaller installations close to a wall.


beautiful baths


The extra space required around most free standing baths certainly makes the bathroom appear larger than it really is.
Of course, it is much easier to clean as you can easily move around the bath as most are situated in the centre of a bathroom.

When deciding where to place your bathroom there are several options. Some have the bath installed level on the floor whilst others position the bath on a raised platform. Your plumber/installer can advise which is best for your situation. Others position the bath in front of a window to maximise the views or in front of a shower wall to emphasise the simplicity of design.

There are many free standing baths around to choose from. They can be curvaceous in oval and round designs or very angular with straight sides and edges, some baths combine a variety of design elements. Some baths are made from a natural stone or composite material whilst others are acrylic or high quality metal. The bathing surface can also vary in finishes from a high gloss to a very flat matt finish.


free-standing-baths caroma-free-standing-bath free-standing-bath-caroma






The variety of free standing baths vary in depth and length and it’s easy to find one that suits your body type. Get in a try it out. Consider the space for yourself, your partner & your kids if they will be using it. Is there enough room for your shoulders and your legs. Can you relax in it? Is your head supported?

TIP: When selecting a bath there is one golden rule – get in & try it!

About the Caroma Auror Free standing bath
Nothing says luxury like a free standing bath. This beautiful oval design will make your bath experience just that much more special. A seamless design with minimalist styling, complete with an offset waste for a comfortable bathing experience.

Available in two sizes, including a compact size for smaller bathrooms.

  • 1580 x 735 x 560
  • Plug & Waste not included
  • Colour: White
  • Includes footlocker fittings (not fitted) (A footlocker stops a free standing bath from tipping over)
  • Water Capacity 245L

Make sure to check availability.

If you haven’t quite got the room for a free standing bath Caroma has the solution. Ideal for small spaces, yet spacious and comfortable enough for two, the Urbane back-to-wall bath ensures a relaxing soak. Bringing together the sophisticated look of a free standing bath and the practicalities of a standard island bath, the integrated design of the Urbane bath makes it easy to clean. Indulgent yet affordable, it makes for the perfect addition to any bathroom.

  • 1675 x 780 x 570
  • Plug and waste not included
  • Includes footlocker fittings (not fitted). (A footlocker stops a free standing bath from tipping over)


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10 Simple Tips To Make Bathroom Renovation Easier On Everyone!

When attempting any project large or small, planning is the key.

  1. Spend plenty of time collecting ideas to create a clear picture of what you would like to achieve. The collection will become a fantastic reference point to show the team at Hardware & General when selecting products.
  2.  You could start a Pinterest board to keep all your digital ideas together. (whilst your there come on over and follow us )
  3. Work out your budget. If you are renovating an existing bathroom it’s always cheaper to leave the plumbing pipes where they are.
  4. Select products that enhance the design you are trying to achieve. The classic claw-foot bath becomes a sculpture statement piece your bathroom.
  5. Sit in the bath and test it for comfort. Check the arm rests, width, neck height, back angle and plug holes to see if they suit you and the other users of the bath.
  6. Flooring should be durable and water resistant. Tiles are the most common flooring choice and Hardware & General has a huge range of different patterns on display. Tiles can even be made to look like ebony or white washed timber.
  7. Consider where your accessory points will be fitted. A towel rack can be fitted to a wall and it requires space. A soap dish needs to be installed within arm’s reach of the bathtub, if it doesn’t boast its own holder.
  8. Mirrors are simply magic in a bathroom. They create space and reflect design elements. Mirrored shaving cabinets hide the cupboards and can be built into the wall cavity. For added practicality install an adjustable make-up mirror close to the vanity cabinet.
  9. Lighting choices need to be both practical and aesthetic. The lighting specialists at Hardware & General can discuss with you the options for mood lighting and purposeful lighting.
  10. Consider the type of door you have in the bathroom and the space it requires. A hinged door takes more room to open. Install a door stopper to ensure the door doesn’t damage any items behind it.

Here is a bonus tip… Consider your hot water unit! In a new bathroom you’ll spend more time admiring your handywork so make sure you have enough hot water to last the distance.


Hardware & General have been helping home owners, plumbers and bathroom renovators since 1950.
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Brookvale’s Hardware & General Home Appliances store will be running a cooking demonstration  on the range of Smeg quality steam ovens. Guest will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the overwhelming health benefits of steaming food. These include;

  • Steam-cooked foods retain more flavour, texture and colour (especially in vegetables
  • Less vitamins, minerals and nutrients are lost than cooking in a dry-heat oven
  • The moist nature of steam heat means that the food doesn’t dry out
  • Different types of food can share the oven without transfer of flavour
  • Steam ovens are relatively easy to keep clean by avoiding the problem of baked-on spillage associated with conventional ovens

Smeg’s combination steam oven ensures that food retains its flavour, keeps its original form, and is healthier to eat – a succulent, delicious taste your family and friends will love.
Striking the perfect balance between energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and impressive aesthetics is a key consideration, as is functionality – making it an important addition to your appliance selection.

Most of us are looking for an oven that’s simple to cook with, easy to clean and looks great, so the Smeg combination steam oven could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Perfect when steaming, roasting or grilling, steam ovens offer versatility, whilst being a healthy and tasty cooking method.

Customers will benefit from faster cooking times – typically 20-25% less than conventional cooking, as well as reduced energy consumption. Operating at a higher temperature than a conventional oven, the cooking environment is moist, using a fan-forced element. Unlike a standard oven that creates a dry cooking environment, steam is more forgiving, so food won’t spoil as easily. You can also cook multiple dishes at once without flavour transfer and perfectly reheat tricky foods like rice and pasta without drying ingredients out.

Date:              Friday May 2nd

Time:              11am – 1pm

Location:       278 Pittwater Road, Brookvale

Phone:           8456-4604

Bookings:      Phone to reserve a seat. Essential.